The new Now+ camera from Polaroid allows you to create more with the app Capabilities

With Polaroid’s updated Bluetooth app and new camera, the classic instant-photo experience has never been better.

The new Polaroid Now+ combines the two previous cameras of the company into a modern, analog child. The Polaroid OneStep+ and Polaroid Now introduced additional features and autofocus via a paired application. Now+ takes the autofocus of the Now, adds the OneStep+ app capabilities and then kicks it up with additional app features.

Now+ includes aperture priority and tripod modes, two brand new features that can be accessed via the app. These allow for long exposures and manipulation of depth of field in one instant print.

A photo taken using the Polaroid Now+’s Light Painting mode.
Credit: Polaroid

This app allows photographers to play with self-timer, light painting, double exposure and manual modes. The Now+ allows photographers to create their own modes in manual mode and then embed them directly into the camera. This button can be used for any reason, even if you aren’t logged in. The app offers modern, accessible visual effects and the old-fashioned feel of a Polaroid.

A photo taken using the Polaroid Now+’s Double Exposure mode.
Credit: Polaroid

With the addition of a tripod mount at the bottom, the Now+ retains the design elements from its predecessor. However, it comes in a much smaller range of colors: only white, black, and blue-gray are available.

Although it does not offer as many colors, the camera comes with extra accessories. The camera comes equipped with five filters, each Now+. These can be attached to the lens and used to intensify or saturate color. This set contains red starburst and orange vignette filters.

The filters that come with the Polaroid Now+ camera.
Credit: Polaroid

In a press release, Ignacio Germade (Polaroid’s Chief Designer Officer) stated that the Now+ was designed to allow people to express themselves more. The Polaroid app has been redesigned completely, with new features and a simplified interface. To improve the performance of the filters, we have integrated the light sensor from the camera into the lens stage. We also updated the design language to match the One and the Go.

Exclusively on, the Polaroid Now+ camera will be available to purchase from August 31. __S.35__

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