The PGA Tour Commissioner explains why golf lovers can’t play anymore At Bryson deChambeau, yell “Brooksie”

It couldn’t be a more fitting end for the BMW Championship. Patrick Cantlay and Bryson Delchambeau finished Sunday’s final round tied at the top of the leaderboard. They then went on to play a six-hole playoff. Cantlay won the title after DeChambeau failed to make a birdie that would have extended their playoff. However, both golfers were praised by the crowd.

However, these incredible performances were overshadowed when DeChambeau left the Caves Valley course.

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ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg described what happened when one spectator made a reference to DeChambeau’s rival, Brooks Koepka:

I felt like I was in a depressing place at the end of the climb. DeChambeau walked past a patron, who waited for him to pass, but was still within earshot. Brooksie sneered over the rope, “Great job Brooksie!” DeChambeau spun in fury and started walking briefly in his direction.

You know what’s worse? “Get the f— out!” DeChambeau shouted. His eyes were filled with rage.

It could have turned out to be very ugly quickly, and I mean that seriously. It may not have been “Malice At The Palace”-level bad, but it was enough to make me smile. When it comes security for a tournament of golf, a rope line is nothing more than a polite suggestion. DeChambeau was aware of this taunt and had ignored it all week. Everyone has a breaking point.

That final taunt certainly seemed to be the breaking point for PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, who told reporters during his Tuesday media availability that yelling “Brooksie” will now be considered a breach of the code of conduct and could result in expulsion from future tournaments.

Monahan stated, “The barometer we all use is the word Respect.” Monahan said, “And when you hear the word respect yelled by anyone, whether it’s Brooksie or any other expression, I ask you, are you being respectful or discourteous?” This has been ongoing for a long time. It’s unacceptable to me at this stage. That’s what we won’t tolerate moving forward.

The DeChambeau vs. Koepka feud goes back to January 2019, and though it seemed like a friendly rivalry at first, it has since become more intense, leading to increasingly frequent “Brooksie” comments throughout DeChambeau’s rounds. Monahan acknowledged that they had spoken to both players about the sitation but also noted that “general concern” has been expressed by DeChambeau regarding our code of conduct.

Monahan stated, “I have been at many of our tournaments in the past year, especially since we returned to play,” Monahan added. It’s a chance to assess the overall civility of our tournaments, fan behavior, and reset expectations through our fan code. We have already identified this. This is something I have spoken to many of our players and not just those two guys.

“It is something that I have talked with our industry partners about and we all agree that it’s important to unite and show what’s truly special about our game.”

This weekend will see the Tour Championship, which will be the first time the policy has been tested. DeChambeau is the No. 1 player in the FedExCup standings. DeChambeau is No. 3 in FedExCup Standings, behind Tony Finau and Cantlay.

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