Uber proposes industry-wide gig worker benefits model in Canada

Uber Technologies Inc Monday presented a plan to create a flexible benefit fund that would allow app-based drivers of food delivery and ride-hail services in Canada. Under this scheme, all players within the gig economy could share information about workers’ earnings and hours.

The fund, as proposed in company blog post would offer cash benefits for gig workers to use towards a retirement plan or life insurance policy, as well to help with medical and educational costs.

Uber stated that Canada’s province governments would enable the benefits fund, without giving further details. However, it will be managed by delivery and ride-hail companies.

They would also share driver earnings data and contribute to the fund in proportion. Uber’s Monday proposal didn’t disclose the threshold that would allow workers to be eligible for benefits.

DoorDash Inc., Lyft Inc. and Just Eat Takeaway.com’s Grubhub didn’t immediately reply to inquiries for comment about Uber’s proposal. Uber didn’t immediately reply to my request for information on whether this model can be expanded to the United States.

The lack of protections and benefits offered to independent contractors by gig companies has been an issue for a long time. Numerous labour unions, including some legislators and the Biden administration have argued that gig workers should be classified as employees.

Companies have rejected requests for reclassification citing survey results that showed the majority of workers don’t want to work.

The companies started proposing models with limited benefits while keeping workers’ contractors status in recent years. This includes California, where such a proposal was approved by voters last year.

Companies have sometimes argued that the difficulty of distributing benefits due to multiple drivers working for different platforms simultaneously can make it difficult.

Uber advocated industry-wide reforms to ensure that every company adhered to the same standards in its March blog posting.

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