Update to Hearthstone Battlegrounds: New heroes and vengeance in today's patch

Update to Hearthstone Battlegrounds: New heroes and vengeance in today’s patch

Update to Hearthstone Battlegrounds: New heroes and vengeance in today's patch

Hearthstone Battlegrounds remains one of the game’s most popular spin-off modes, requiring no card packs or extensive knowledge of the base game to play.

There are many upgrades that can be purchased for those with the funds, but each Battlegrounds game offers different challenges and results.

Today’s Battlegrounds update includes major changes to the keyword and hero departments.

Blizzard confirmed the addition of the Avenge keyword to the game. This will bring new elements and factors into the end-game.

It also includes the replacement of 37 minions, which makes it one of most significant changes to the Battlegrounds meta for quite some time.

Blizzard also has made important changes to the background that will keep players playing the game for longer. These include more options for survival, and possibly making some strategies more feasible.

Blizzard has sent a message explaining that the largest Battlegrounds update was coming. We’re going to start by introducing a new Battlegrounds keyword called Avenge. It does something when (x) friendly minion die. We’ll be replacing 37 minions and adding 2 new Heroes.

We’ve made some fundamental changes that we wanted to let you know about. The damage limit has been increased to 15 until the player who dies first is reached. This means that no one can sustain more than 15 combat damage before the lobby’s first disconnects.

We’ve increased the turn times to ensure everyone is able to familiarize themselves with the content. The turns from 3-9 are now 5 seconds longer. This update will allow everyone to start over as the ratings for this season will reset.

These are the general changes that were noted in Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ patch notes:

  • Battlegrounds Specific Keyword Added, Avenge: What happens after (x), friendly minions are killed.
  • Turns 3-9 are now 5 seconds longer. The length of the turns may be adjusted in the future.
  • Darkmoon Prizes were disabled.
  • For a new season, all Battlegrounds rating have been reset.
  • Until the player who dies, a damage cap of 15 has been applied. The damage cap doesn’t check for player deaths before the beginning of the Recruit Phase. The damage cap for combat will be available even if the player dies.
  • Battlegrounds Perks players are more likely to receive new Heroes in the 2-week early access period following their announcement. During the two week early access period, players who have Battlegrounds Perks will be able to choose from a variety of Heroes in every lobby. Each player can only choose one Hero.

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