Vauxhall's electric range is now "pays for itself"
Prepare for the EV deadline

Vauxhall’s electric range is now “pays for itself” Prepare for the EV deadline

Vauxhall's electric range is now "pays for itself"
Prepare for the EV deadline

British carmaker, Combo-e announced its move at the Commercial Vehicle Show in London. This is the UK’s biggest road transportation event. A 50 kWh battery will power the new Combo-e. It will provide a range 171 miles, and a single 100kW electric motor.

The Combo-e can charge from zero to 80 per cent in 30 minutes using a 100kw charger.

Combo-e, like all fully-electric LCVs from Vauxhall is exempted from the current congestion and ultra-low emissions charges.

Businesses can also save significant on van taxes with zero emission-in use powertrains, and a zero percent benefit-in kind tax rate

The Combo-e can carry up to 800kg, and has a load volume of approximately 4.4 cubic metres. It is a compact, practical van that’s well-suited to trade professionals.

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The Combo-e, a great addition to the e-LCV range-up. It is full of useful features and technology which will ensure it’s a top choice for small van owners.”

Vauxhall will be able to build exclusively electric cars at the Ellesmere Port plant.

Paul Willcox talked about the financial benefits to customers and said that within three years, “it definitely pays for itself”, on average usage rates.

The vehicle’s drivability was also praised by him, particularly for trade professionals. He said that the Combo-e has a range of 171 miles and the average driving time is about 100 miles.

“The most important thing is that we have battery assembly at site, which has a long-term sustainability impact on the plant.

Ellesmere Port will have a fully electric plant. This is a very significant point.

It will produce only the electric van, and that is a tremendous position of sustainability that that plant has for our workers and us. We are really, really proud.”

Stellantis, Vauxhall’s parent, announced that the final Astra would be removed from the production line by quarter one next year.

The Combo-e will then be shipped out in the third quarter.

A new, hydrogen-powered vehicle will also be unveiled by the British carmaker.

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