VIDEO: G80 BMW M3 With Manual Transmission Reviewed By

VIDEO: G80 BMW M3 With Manual Transmission Reviewed By Hagerty

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We see most of the BMW M3 reviews are for the Competition model. The Competition model is the strongest, fastest and most importantly, the best. The standard model has one advantage over its Competition counterpart: a manual transmission. Hagerty’s new review lets us see the M3 manual in action and what it feels like to drift.

The review begins with Zack Klapman, Hagerty co-host and The Smoking Tire host, in the passenger’s seat. Formula DRIFT champion Dai Yoshihara is in the driver’s seat. Yoshihara drove the BMW M3 through Palmer Motorsports Park and was impressed by its balance. It can be precise and grippy or it can be sideways and manageable. The M3 lets you choose the adventure that interests you and Yoshihara seemed to enjoy it.

After a bit of track fun, Klapman jumped in the driver’s seat and took to the road. On the road, the BMW M3 is a typical M3; it’s fast, it handles well, it can seat five people, and has a big trunk. Though, there is a bit of an issue with the standard car — the manual transmission isn’t very good. I felt the same after driving it a few months back — it was fine but it really wasn’t very enjoyable to use. You can find a much better manual in any Porsche or even some Hondas.

Its looks are unquestionable. Its greatest flaw is its front grille. Two weeks of M3s was enough to convince me that I would buy the car because it has great driving dynamics. If you know me, then you will see that fashion is not my primary priority. Some people find it difficult to look good.

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