VIDEO: See the Mini Remastered By David Brown Oselli Edition hits the Track

A classic Mini can be as fun as any car-driving experience. If you are used to driving modern sports cars, there are some downsides. It lacks power and performance. The interior is also very barren. What if you took the Mini Experience and upgraded the power and interior? The Mini Remastered By David Brown would be the result.

David Brown Automotive transforms a Mini into Mini Remastered-duty. It’s done so that it complements the original Mini while highlighting its strengths and hiding its weaknesses. It’s an automobile that will remind you how great the original Mini was to be driven, but without all of its shortcomings.

The engine is 1,450cc and has dual carburetors. It produces 125 horsepower. Although it’s 25 horsepower less than classic Minis, that is still a significant increase of 25 percent. This in an otherwise small car like a Mini. The car also has a 5-speed manual gearbox, Bilstein dampers and AP Racing four piston brakes. Its performance is much better than that of the original car.

What makes the Mini Remastered so special, though, is that it’s a riot to drive. It still has tiny wheels and tires, which provide only a small overall contact patch, so it still has the original Mini’s classic feel, just cranked up to eleven. It’s raw and pure, just like the original Mini, but still has all of the interior creature comforts you’d want to drive it everyday.

It has a problem though. The price is over PS100,000. It’s a very expensive price for what is essentially a modified Mini. It’s certainly well-maintained, has excellent craftsmanship, and is tuned to its full potential. It’s not worth the money, but you can still get a great Mini and modify it yourself for only a tenth as much. If you’re willing to spend the extra money and want something special, the Mini Remastered is a great choice.

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