Cookie Clicker currently destroys the lives of more than 10,000 people People who use Steam

Cookie Clicker is great. Cookie Clicker can also be a nightmare. It’s now available on Steam in a premium, ad-free edition. This browser-based gem is already very popular. It’s perhaps a little too much. It has attracted over 10,000 players to its addictive web and, God help me!

The Steam version of Cookie Clicker launched just a few hours ago as of this post, and has already reached 13,494 concurrent players, as SteamDB shows. This puts it within striking reach of Steam’s Top 50. It is just behind favourites such as No Man’s Sky and The Binding of Isaac. Based on current Steam user count, the in-game “herald” feature grants a passive boost to all users. The buff is already exhausted.

These numbers are impressive when you consider that the Steam version is currently available at just $4.99/PS3.99/EUR3.99 and offers almost the exact same features as its browser counterpart. The Steam release is ad-free and supports Steam Workshop. However, the game itself will not be able to save you any time.

The format existed before Cookie Clicker, but this game helped usher in the popularity of idle games. The numbers will increase, you can then use the money to purchase things that speed up the growth, and so on. You’ll find it addictive and, while you can be quite snarky (yes, even the headline), it’s actually great.

Please inform my editors, that Cookie Clicker is what I’m actually playing during work hours. There is nothing else.

Publiated at Wednesday, 01 Sep 2021 23.21:02 +0000

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