Dan Campbell minimizes Lions decision not to include kicker Initial 53-man roster

During the preseason 2021, veteran kickers Zane Gonzalez and Randy Bullock fought for the Lions’ starting kicker position. In the end, however, neither of them was victorious in the fight to replace Matt Prater.

Bullock and Gonzalez made all eight preseason kicks together — four field goals, four additional points and four more — but had some issues in training camp.

The Lions decided to let both of them go during the final roster cuts. They don’t now have a kicker.

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Dan Campbell, Lions coach, is it bold to try kicker-less? This doesn’t sound like it. Campbell dismissed the Lions lack of kickers and said that 53-man team rosters were still being finalized.

“I think what needs to be remembered here is (just because a player makes the initial 53-man roster) does not mean that this is who we’re riding with all the way through the season,” Campbell said Monday, per the Detroit Free Press. There will be some players that won’t be in the building but who are going to make it on our team. It’s likely that this will happen. It’s possible.

It seems like the Lions are adding another kicker. Among the last cuts are a few good options, such as former Chargers and Patriots kicker Michael Badgley, Nick Folk, Joey Slye, Jake Verity, Ravens rookie, and former Panthers kicker Joey Slye. If they wish, the Lions will be able acquire one.

The Lions can also sign a kicker for their practice squad to call up during game days. Folk was signed by the Patriots last season, as well as Justin Rohrwasser. The Lions could use this approach if they want to keep a spot on their roster.

Detroit needs a kicker, regardless of what the outcome. It’s actually the first time in a long while that the Lions lack stability at the position of kicker. After signing as a Detroit free agent in early 2014, Prater managed to keep the position well. Prater’s signing was a disappointment for the Lions, who struggled to find a suitable replacement.

Lions fans hope that the Freese/Henry pairing will not be repeated in 2021.

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