Drivers are warned about car cloning. How to Avoid DVLA Email Scams

Scammers claim that customers can get significant discounts by paying upfront with a gift card, prepaid debit card, or gift card. Scammers are targeting holidaymakers who want to get a great deal on renting cars abroad.

When inspecting your car, make sure that all Vehicle Identification Numbers on it match those found in the V5C logbook. This could help you identify the car with false documentation.

“Also, make sure to look for an address in the logbook.

You should compare the VIN and history of a vehicle with the records from the RAC’s Vehicle History check.

While RAC Vehicle History Check will not tell you if the vehicle has been stolen or scrapped, it will provide important information about the sale and any discrepancies.

You will be asked for your personal information such as your contact number, email address, and banking details. This is to try to convince you to send money to scammers.

This will be used by scammers to steal money and commit identity theft.

The DVLA warns motorists on social media about scams and offers them the chance to report these messages.

Mister Kindred commented also on the widespread use of DVLA scam messaging, warning drivers to be cautious.

He stated that fraudsters usually pretend to be somebody or an organization you trust. This could be either your Internet Service Provider, local council or even a friend in dire need.

Scammers will often try to get you to click on a link in a text message or email. Once clicked, it could lead to malware being downloaded onto your computer or to your personal data.

However, it is possible to ask you sensitive questions over the telephone, such as your bank details.

It is important that you know the DVLA will not send email or text messages asking for payment details, or your personal information.

They have instructed anyone receiving this message to immediately delete it.

Customers should immediately report any suspicious email to the NCSC. Anyone concerned that they might have been the victim of fraud, should contact Action Fraud police directly.

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