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Driving in the UK will be more expensive under new EU laws Motorists to be affected

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Driving in the UK will be more expensive under new EU laws
Motorists to be affected

The new driving laws will be more expensive for everyone, with drivers being the hardest hit. He warned that increased costs associated with speed limiters are unlikely to receive subsidy, meaning ordinary drivers will be responsible for the additional costs.

All new vehicles will be fitted with speed limiters as a new regulation by the European Transport Safety Council.

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These tools use GPS data and sign recognition cameras to stop drivers from exceeding speed limits.

New cars only will be affected starting July 2022, but older models will still need to have tools installed by May 2024.

Express.co.uk was contacted by Mr Freeman, who warned that motorists would soon be faced with the “cost consequences” of this rule change.

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The motorist will be responsible for the cost of this.

It won’t be subventioned by anyone.

Freeman warned that the economic changes may cause a major setback in the recovery of the business sector from the pandemic.

He stated that roads are already too congested and drivers travel too slow.

Manufacturers prefer to use the same set of rules for trade to facilitate commerce between sides of the Channel.

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Confused.com warned that the new technology may cause car insurance to fall in cost.

The experts predict that fewer claims will result because drivers are less likely to take higher-speed trips at high risk.

They warn that if claims drop dramatically, the cost to insure vehicles will be lower.

Publiated at 02/09/2021, 21:34.09 (+0000).

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