Ford prolongs F-150 plant’s downtime for chip issues

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. informed its employees Wednesday that the company would extend downtime for its bestselling pickup truck, the F-150, and reduce production of certain of its most profitable models due to the continuing shortage of semiconductors.

In a memo, the automaker stated that its truck division was incompatible withKansas City Assembly PlantThe F-150 pickup factory in, which is where the F-150 pickup was built, will be closed the week beginning Sept. 6. There has been no truck production for the last two weeks.

Dearborn Truck will continue to work one shift at Ford’s F-150 other plant after it was reduced from one this week.

Kentucky TruckThe company, which produces Super Duty pickups along with Expedition and Navigator SUVs will be working in two shifts during the week of Sept. 6 through Sept. 13.

Canada’s top-selling truck is the F-150.

John Savona (Ford’s vice-president of manufacturing and labor affairs), stated in the memo that his teams were making use of available semiconductor allocation. He also found unique solutions for providing as many quality vehicles to dealers and customers as possible.

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