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A prototype was designed by me.Galaxy SquadIt was a while before I started serious work on this project, so I decided to put it off for a while. Although the idea of mixing two of my favourite game mechanics from different genres appealed to me at all times, there were many other ideas that I was passionate about.

Galaxy Squad

After a few years, and a number of unsuccessful games later, I considered quitting the game industry altogether, but instead decided to try one more time. It was Galaxy Squad that saved my career and made a huge difference in my life.

Galaxy Squad

Because it was my first time as both a producer and a director of cutscenes, I had to be very challenging in developing this game. It was challenging as well as fun to write a videogame storyline that had many twists and turns. Even though it was not popular with all players, I don’t regret the choices that were made. Even though it may not pay off 100 percent, taking a chance is important.

Galaxy Squad

The development of the game taught me a lot. Both game design and life lessons were valuable. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and helped shape the game in the most effective way possible, I’m very thankful. The game was balanced to be both a challenging tactical experience and easy-to-use for newcomers. Although it was not an easy task, I believe I succeeded. Also, I tried to create my vision for an adventure galaxy filled with travelers and opportunists. I even added a chase story. I feel proud of this accomplishment. Every fan of turn-based tactical will find something that they enjoy.Galaxy Squad.

Galaxy Squad

Big Way Games

This game is a combination of node-based exploration and random events. It also features hardcore tactical battles. Your characters will be randomly generated and can be modified to create your ideal crew.

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