Google’s next blockbuster could be Apple’s iPhone. Android upgrade

Google’s new Pixel 6 will be launched in the next few months, as Californian company gave fans an early glimpse at the device earlier in this month. We now have an idea of when the new phone will launch and, if recent rumours hold true, Google may be able to beat Apple.

Although September is usually the month associated with new iPhone models, with Google following up in October with its Nest and Pixel gadgets, things may be drastically different this year. Weibo in China claims that Google plans a huge online event Monday September 13th, one day before Apple opens the new iPhone.

These dates have not been confirmed by Apple or Google, but there is speculation that pre-orders of the iPhone 5 will be available on September 17. This suggests that the keynote speech from the Cupertino firm will occur a few days earlier. Apple likes to reveal its shiny new toys on Tuesdays, so it is likely that the unveiling will take place on September 14.

While there isn’t much concrete yet, it is known that the Pixel 6 will be released by Google in “fall”, which refers to the US for autumn. So the Weibo rumours could very well be true. Google would be smart to beat Apple and build excitement before the iPhone’s unveiling.

Jon Prosser, a top tipter and blogger has also commented on September’s rumours. Prosser posted a tweet on Twitter predicting a launch. He stated that the tech giant would not announce anything before October, so we’ll just have to wait.

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It’s especially significant this year, as the Pixel received a major redesign with a brand new design and a processor specifically designed by Google. This means that the company is no longer dependent on Qualcomm or its Snapdragon chipsets.

Tensor is a custom-made “System on a Chip”, branded Tensor. It’s designed to provide additional Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. Google claims it had to create its own silicon as its developers reached the limit of existing chips’ capabilities.

The Pixel 6’s inside news is the most important, but there are other changes happening on the outside. On the rear of the Pixel 6, the most notable feature is the new wraparound block called “camera bars”.

The massive camera system is housed in this huge building, with the Pro version getting both an ultra-wide lens and a 4x zoom lens. There are five new colours, including two-tone green and peach as well as the old favorites black and gray. Two finishes will be available for these phones: matte finish for the 6 and polished aluminium Pro.

Additional specs have been released include 5G and an under-display fingerprint scanner. Pro models will feature a QHD+ screen of 6.7 inches at 120Hz, and 6 models will be able to display a 90Hz LCD. is the first to bring you the latest news on the Pixel 6 & iPhone 13 when we have more information.

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