New World's Dungeons offer "a chance to get deeper"

New World’s Dungeons offer “a chance to get deeper” Combat

Amazon Games’ MMORPG New World will launch next month. It’ll include Expeditions – the game’s unique take on incised dungeons with baddies and special loot. Like New World’s War mode, they’ll also throw a more structured sequence of combat and gameplay at players that offers something very different to what’s found in its overworld of Aeternum. The MMO will launch with six Expeditions. They’ll offer “a chance to get deeper into both combat and gameplay” by mixing challenge, story content and classless character progression.

Mike Willette, head of world experiences tells us how they created Expeditions that were their unique stories. It could have been about a team of researchers who went missing at an ancient site or the Angry Earth’s origins. We also want to provide pace breaks to enhance the overall experience. You can add variety to your experience by creating puzzles and challenges that tie into the spaces.

Art director Charles Bradbury explained that Expeditions were an important area to provide players with a unique experience that is different from open-world. He also said that New World’s Dungeons have “more handcrafted content”, which has “a flow” and a overarching story to follow.

Bradbury says that expeditions allow us to concentrate in visuals on one theme or combination of themes and create memorable moments for players.” Some are more branching than others, and some are focused more on specific challenges. Combat offers us many interesting options in terms of how we set up space and how to direct the eye. It also gives us the opportunity to give the players opportunities to interact with space and their enemies in new ways.

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These elements are made clear in the first to be revealed, which we took a look at earlier this year: the Amrine Excavation. To defeat some very tough enemies, it takes players in large groups down to a dark and grueling network of rooms under a forest. The dungeon’s layout and puzzles present a challenge to the players. There are spooky chasms that threaten doom for some, while others offer close-quarters. You will also have to fight off some very dangerous beasts. These narratives, gameplay and stylistic aspects will offer players something more to explore in New World’s Dungeons.

Bradbury tells us that expeditions allow you to explore the gameplay and combat more deeply. It’s an easier experience to guide a smaller group of players. This allows us to focus on the key elements of the game, such as a boss or environmental story that points out some of its larger narrative.


Willette says, “We want players experience combat in an entirely new setting while digging deeper into the stories of Aeternum.” You might not necessarily find or experience these things in open-world journeys. Playtesting is a common practice. We strive to find a happy medium that’s challenging and rewarding.

It’s unclear how New World’s new classless combat system will impact Expedition crafting. However, while the system offers a wide range of options for party members to approach its dungeons however it can be a difficult element to deal with. Willette explains that it is difficult to balance Expedition content so it suits different play styles and offers equal but not identical challenges. He explains that the classless combat system offers players tons of possibilities for customizing builds to suit their playstyle.


Want to become a Paladin? You could also be a knight standard. Or how about a ranger. You can have all of the above with different attributes, armours, weapons, gems and weapon masteries.

He explains, however, that this is a “extraordinary amount” of variance for the New World team in order to balance the PvE and the PvP gameplay. Furthermore, the developers do “a lot” of internal testing to ensure that this works, as well as looking at beta and alpha data.

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Willette tells us that bosses have different goals. What should the difficulty level be for Elite players? How long should it take to kill an Elite enemy? How do you play against the enemies of one family?

He adds that “We look at the player’s preparation loop, and what utility they have at the recommended target.” When we consider bosses, we take into account the tools and moments that the player could have. How will the boss change its attack pattern and what lessons can the player learn? For instance, Cilla from the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition is the first boss. She has a stacking mechanic which players must learn. It is essential to learn when it can be disabled and how to attack and heal. This also implies that players should have the ability to deal with threat and attack damage.

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New World will feature six Expeditions when it launches, aimed at a bunch of different levels, from the easier end of the scale with the Amrine Expedition to the endgame Lazarus Instrumentality dungeon, which takes players to a secret site to battle a monstrous threat – the behemoth Chardis. New World will launch on September 28th, so get ready to play when all six Expeditions are live.

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