Nintendo Direct September 2021: Stream date and potential time disclosed

Nintendo are rumoured to be busy at work putting the final touches on a Nintendo Direct for September 2021. The Nintendo Switch manufacturers could soon be preparing another Direct broadcast, following the June E3 2021 Direct. It looks as though the Nintendo Direct will be coming within the next few days.

Towards the end of August notable leaker Zippo revealed in a blog post that “multiple” sources had revealed a Nintendo Direct for September 2021 was in the works.

Zippp stated in the article: “I have been informed by many sources that Nintendo will be releasing a general Nintendo Direct next month.

This will likely focus on the remaining roster for this year, and we will get glimpses at 2022’s games. Although I don’t know what the Direct will contain, it is logical that we can expect last looks at Metroid Dread and Mario Party Superstars as well as Advance Wars 1+2 and the final Smash characters.

Zippo stated that Nintendo Direct September 2021 might be coming as soon as this week.

In a subsequent update, the leaker stated that Direct broadcasts were “imminent”.

The Direct could occur next week if it doesn’t happen in this week.

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Fans may now have a hint about when the next Nintendo Direct will take place.

As highlighted in a post on Reddit, Monolith Software has revealed its site will be down for maintenance next week.

From September 7, at 2 p.m. pacific, the Xenoblade Maker’s website will go down until Wednesday, September 30, from 3.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Other regions will experience downtime at 10 p.m. BST and 5 p.m. eastern.

However, it is interesting to note that the Redditor who pointed out this downtime stated that it occurs at the same time as previous Directs.

Monolith is rumoured currently to be working on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which may get revealed in the upcoming Direct.

It’d make sense for Monolith to be down, since it might contain details about the new Xenoblade games.

A reveal of the last Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character seems like a likely announcement.

Is Nintendo able to meet the needs of so many fans and add Waluigi to Smash Bros? Or could there be another surprising contender?

You could get information about upcoming games such as Metroid Dread and Advance Wars, or Splatoon 3

Switch gamers will be following the news closely for information on Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, which were not announced in Directs for many years.

Nintendo may also reveal a Resident Evil-themed game at the Direct. This has been long rumoured.

This new Resi is believed to be Resident Evil Outrage – which is Resident Evil Revelations 3 in its entirety.

Rumours abound that Resident Evil 2 will feature Rebecca Chambers, who is a former STARS member in the first Resi.

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