Part of the YC Summer 21 Demo Day. Our top picks for startups 2

From beaming actors into the class room to plucking things out of space, the second day of Y Combinator’s S21 Demo Day was a fresh snapshot of what nearly 200 startup teams believe is the future of innovation.

The TechCrunch team covered yesterday’s first half, and the startup pitches with one minute each. We even podcasted about it! Today, we’re doing it all over again. Here’s our full list of all startups that presented on the record today, and below, you’ll find our votes for the best Y Combinator pitches of Day Two. These were the ones that made us stop and think, even though we had to go through hundreds of pitches per day.

Spark Studio

My experience with Indian culture is that it has a long history of valuing math and science over any other subject, which is why Spark Studio‘s twist on online enrichment was refreshing. The YC company provides extracurricular, live learning classes to children from Indian families. The classes focus on communication, music, and art. As seen by the success of Outschool, small-group classes for school-going children can be a scalable way to supplement traditional education. Spark Studio sells to children between 5 and 15, who are very impressionable, exploratory year.

My predominantly Indian family friends were the ones who did not gravitate towards STEM when I was a child. My interest in reading and writing was not sated by any other services than my local library. Spark Studio, with the support of my parents, could make otherwise unusual interests more common. Spark Studio already has over 400 students and less than 2 percent churn. This gives it early indications that they may have something to offer. Natasha


Image Credits: Litnerd

They don’t feel like work, but they are like excursions into other universes and conversations with friends. Litnerd is trying to scale the feeling of immersive, engaging text to millions of students, while also encouraging better literacy and habit-forming skills. This startup uses actors to read works and make classroom reading more fun for children.

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