Phoenix Point’s Corrupted Perspectives DLC is an addition to the Acheron bioengineered creature


Phoenix Point’s next DLC, Corrupted Horizons, is due out this summer, and it’s adding some game-changing new units to the XCOM-style strategy game. One of the new DLCs, Corrupted Horizons, has been revealed to us. It’s a mean-looking Pandoran threat and will force you to rethink your strategies on the battlefield.

Acherons, large four-legged animals with long legs that can reach up to 4 feet in length, were created by one of Phoenix Point’s human factions. However it is not clear which faction is behind this monstrosity. The Acheron, regardless of its origin, is a support unit with heavy duty that can call in Pandoran reinforcements and can even reanimate Pandoran units it has already dealt.

However, the main function of an Acheron is tied into Corrupted Horizons, which will introduce a new mechanic to Phoenix Point. These creatures are capable of spreading corruption and a maelstrom that deprives soldiers from their desire to fight on. To defeat corruption, you will need to find the source of it. However, even if you have the information to do so, the threat to your troops during combat is still there.

Snapshot Games says that Acheron’s design is influenced by H.G. alien harvesters. Wells’ War of the Worlds.

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The developers explain that while the major factions (Phoenix and New Jericho and Synedrion) are focused on restoring the world and saving humanity, we also have a number of smaller factions. The Pure and the Acheron creators are two examples of such factions. And the Acheron shows what can happen when things don’t go as planned.

When you face the Acheron in tactical battles, it will become a threat. It can jump across the map and spread corruption. Pepper clouds are also released that decrease the accuracy of your weaponry. The Acheron can heal its allies, call for support, and resurrect dead bodies.

When the Corrupted Horizons DLC releases late in the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to focus your attention on the Acheron. Snapshot Games is yet to reveal a new type of soldier, but there’s still more in the DLC.

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