PlayerUnknown leaves PUBG to start a new company

PlayerUnknown leaves PUBG to start a new company Studio

PlayerUnknown leaves PUBG to start a new company

Always greener is better.

Brendan Greene, known as PlayerUnknown, has left PUBG parent Krafton in order to start PlayerUnknown Productions.

Since Greene’s involvement in the development of PUBG, it has been a while. In 2019, he launched PUBG Special Projects, a new Amsterdam-based division which had been working on a fresh project codenamed Prologue.

Greene’s company, also located in Amsterdam, may be continuing to work on Prologue. Krafton will invest in this new company as a minority shareholder.

Greene stated today that he was grateful for all the support he received from PUBG [Krafton] and the chance he gave me in the last four years. Today, I am excited to begin the next phase of my quest to make the experience that I have envisioned for so many years. Krafton has been supportive of my plans and I will have more information about the project in the future.

The previous trailer for Prologue is included on the website of the studio. This suggests that development may be continuing. According to reports, the team is looking into systems that could enable open-world large-scale games.

Krafton recently renamed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to PUBG: Battlegrounds, diminishing the now-departed creator’s visibility in its name. Krafton stated that the decision was made to simplify the titles of various PUBG universe games currently in development.

Krafton is also working on several projects, including PUBG: New State (which does very well). The futuristic, mobile version of PUBG: New State is in development, as well as Project Cowboy (a Western-themed game) and Dead Space creator Glen Schofield’s The Callisto Protocol. These will likely be linked to PUBG lore.

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