PUBG Mobile Update: Tencent confirms patch 1.6 release Date download schedule

Even with a sequel on the horizon, PUBG Mobile remains one of the most popular pocket-sized Battle Royale experiences.

Tencent confirmed that a fan-centric patch will be released to ensure everyone stays on the site.

The new update is expected to include PUBG Mobile 1.6. It will be released this week.

It is not known when it will fall, but we are told that the contents will be there.

Tencent claims that they have been listening carefully to the feedback of fans and built the latest version of the game based on what they received.

The new PUBG mobile update, which includes some Classic Crate coupons and other information has already been made public.

It will depend on how large the patch is, but Tencent has confirmed to gamers that the amount will be different.

We have had a lot feedback since version 1.5. Thank you all for your support. We have been listening carefully to your feedback. This week’s patch will address the following and other issues:

Tap to access the Royale Pass M2 upgrade card in your inventory. However, the incorrect season information would be displayed. The Royale Pass functions normally.

Sometimes, the punch button wouldn’t respond when you tap it. In Miramar, and Sanhok, the Light Machine Gun settings have been lost.

We have determined that we will give Classic Crate Coupons to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the patch update. The amount depends on how large the patch is.

After you have completed the patch update, make sure that it is checked! Please be aware that certain regions might update slower than others.

Thank you again for your support. We appreciate your feedback.

There could be a few changes not yet included in these preview patches notes. Additional tweaks are expected to be added in the final version PUBG 1.6.

Tencent teased also that several fan-favourite games will be brought back in the update.

Gamers have already voted, so the final results of the vote will be available during update 1.6’s rollout.

Tencent said this week to fans that PUBG MOBILE update 1.5 is fast approaching. It will bring new content, 2 new Royale passes, and many other things I cannot quite name yet.

With all the chaos and excitement around the world this year, it feels like 2021 flew by. It’s a great time to reflect back on the past. Everyone is invited to reflect on the PUBG MOBILE past and share their favorite modes with us.

These are the listed game modes:


Metro royale

The Runic power

Payload 2

Survive till dawn

Mode of infection

Titans last stand

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