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We all remember Henry Ford and Steve Job as examples of entrepreneurs who are looking for role models. We also have Mexican high-impact entrepreneurs that have made a significant impact on the business environment. An example of this is Mr. Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, who thanks to his belief in Mexico created the largest corn flour production company and the most successful tortilla manufacturer in the world.

Don Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, founder and president of GRUMA’s Board of Directors and President for Life of Grupo Financiero Baorte was a prominent businessman in Mexico. He is best known because he built two of Mexico’s largest corporations and created thousands of jobs.

7 lessons from the life of GRUMA’s founder

1. Vision and perseverance are the best things in life.

He was eight years old when his first business, a shoe-shine drawer, began. He later expanded his business by renting out bolero containers to his friends and cousins, even though that was a challenge.

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The story began when Roberto Gonzalez Barrera (a young man from Tamaulipas) discovered that a tiny mill could produce 18 tonnes of corn flour per monthly. He bought the mill without thinking twice, and had a vision of the future. Grupo Maseca would have been the precursor to this company.

3. People with ordinary ideas are the best kind of people to succeed. “

Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, his father, and a lot of dedication to research, hard work, and not many sacrifices, founded the first ever nixtamalized corn flour manufacturing plant in Cerralvo (Nuevo Leon) in May 1949. Maseca (formerly Nixharina) was the brand they created.

4. 4.

Talent and teamwork are key to great success. So, Manuel Rubio Portilla (an engineer) joined GRUMA as a pillar. He is a skilled professional who, with his expertise in technology and research, helps the company conquer a new market.

5. The greatest Mexicans don’t settle.

In 1973, Costa Rica became the first country outside of Mexico to start operations. GRUMA saw a steady expansion from that point on. It reached almost 100 plants across the Americas by the time it died. GRUMA has been the world’s undisputed leader for corn flour production, with its plants in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Oceania.

6. The greatest risk in your life is to not take risks.”

Roberto Gonzalez Barrera’s vision, and love of Mexico led him to enter the world of finance in 1992. He acquired Banorte which was at the time a small bank in Mexico. Within a few years, this bank became the Strong Bank of Mexico. This institution is now competing with some of the most powerful and influential foreign banks.

7. Mexicans need to support Mexicans if they want to get ahead

Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, a great philanthropist and humanitarian, founded the Board of Trustees for Educational Development and Assistance Cerralvo as well the GRUMA Foundation and Banorte Foundation. His sense of social responsibility was extraordinary through these remarkable charities. He helped millions of Mexicans with his commitment to education, nutrition and environmental impact.

Roberto Gonzalez Barrera (1930-2012). He was a visionary and philanthropist, great Mexican businessman, as well as a passionate supporter of the country. His belief in Mexico and the talents and abilities of Mexicans was what he believed. GRUMA is the world’s largest company for the production and distribution of tortilla and corn flour. He was also a leader and perseverant, and managed to make Banorte El Banco Fuerte de Mexico one of the largest financial institutions in Mexico.

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