Three Reasons Business coaches shouldn’t guarantee specificity Results

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Internet is both a scary and unique place. The internet has given business coaches the opportunity to reach more customers at a lower cost. It has also led to a flood of fake advertising, poor purchasing decisions, and an inability for consumers to distinguish between good and bad marketing.

Consumers today are suspicious of business coaches who boast about their ability. A guarantee on the quality of coaching would be more comforting for consumers. Although it makes good sense, it is not common for business coaches to be able to promise a particular result.

There’s an temptation to promise when you are close to closing a deal. Although you can see that the person is open to your offer and willing to listen, it’s tempting to make promises. It’s tempting to promise a certain result. This is one of the most dangerous decisions that you could make for your company.

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These are the three main reasons business coaches shouldn’t guarantee a certain outcome. This will help you save time and prevent unnecessary heartache.

1. It is impossible to predict how your clients will apply what you have taught them.

Clients can learn exactly how to succeed with the subject matter you are teaching. Clients can get step-by-step assistance and templates. To help clients, you can hire outside specialists and other services providers. However, you cannot control the actions of your clients.

Clients are responsible for implementing the information you provide and taking action. It is impossible to control the motivation or laziness of clients. It is impossible to force clients into implementing strategies the way that you prefer. The entire process is not under your direct control.

You cannot control all the factors that can affect your success. You can’t rely on your bandwidth and income to guarantee a certain result. It isn’t the most effective strategy to tie your income and bandwidth to other people’s actions.

2. Client results can be influenced by many factors, some of which are not visible.

There are many factors that go into creating a client-focused, successful outcome. While you can’t influence how your clients apply what you have taught, you can control the outcome of their actions and what they do with them if outside factors or circumstances affect those results.

You could have all the elements that lead to success. However, success is not always possible because of all the circumstances. Sometimes luck can be involved.

If you promise a certain result, it puts yourself in an even worse position. Your revenue is tied to uncertainty and you will always be disappointed.

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It is best to charge according to the information you provide and not on what your client does. As an entrepreneur your goal is to provide the best possible experience for clients while also making sure that you get paid appropriately. It is best to not promise a certain outcome when it’s impossible to control everything.

3. 3.Your process, knowledge, and experience should determine your fees

Your passion is teaching a particular topic led you to start your own business. You have probably invested time learning about these topics, and you are now an expert in them. Clients have worked with you, and consumers have been educated.

Too many entrepreneurs don’t realize that experience, knowledge and history can be valuable. Your process and the expertise you use to achieve that result is valuable.

Many models exist for entrepreneurs and many ways to make money. The underused model, however, is that you should be compensated for your education. Many entrepreneurs believe they must offer coaching or client satisfaction. You can make money online by sharing your knowledge or teaching it.

It doesn’t matter if you are tied to the outcome or have a company that delivers fulfillment. Your fee is based on how educated you are about your topic.

Education-only models offer the chance to create a sustainable business without requiring as much time and effort as client satisfaction. You can have both the best and worst of both without feeling like someone is constantly asking for something.

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The education-only model allows you to offer online courses, member programs, and master classes. You can either record them live or have them recorded. You don’t have to fulfill a specific service request or meet clients expectations.

While a guarantee may help close the deal, it can also cost your sanity. Entrepreneurs need to recognize that they don’t have control over all the variables and can still build businesses.

You are valuable, and your process should be valued accordingly. Do not put yourself in a situation where you can generate short-term revenue but then end up making money long-term.

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