VIDEO: The E34 BMW M5 is "20 Jahre Honour"

VIDEO: The E34 BMW M5 is “20 Jahre Honour” EAG

The E34-gen BMW M5 is probably the most loved of all generations. It was an amazing car in its time. The E34-gen was as smooth and enjoyable as the driving experience. It lacked any standout features that would make it different from its M5 brothers. It is the original and best-looking E28, and I think it is also the most powerful. The E60 was the best-engined E60, and the F10, which was turbocharged, was the first M5 and is still the fastest.

Every generation, except the E34, has its own claim to fame. EAG has released a new video that shows us a special E34 BMW M5, showing how the E34 M5 is one of the most desirable M5s.

BMW created the E34 BMW M520 Jahre Edition in early 1990s to commemorate twenty years of M Division. It was a Euro-market vehicle, with a Euro-only 3.8 Liter Inline Six engine that produced 340 HP. The 20 Jahre Edition was not available in the United States, so the E34 BMW M5 for North America is an “homage” to the 20 Jahre.

What makes it a homage to the 20 Jahre? The paint color for starters, a gorgeous shade of Mugello Rot (Red). It also features killer red seatbelts that read “BMW Motorsport” on them. It’s a beautiful car and one that’s aged far better than I remember. Under the hood is still the same 3.6 liter inline-six, making 310 horsepower, paired to a five-speed manual transmission. It is still the largest six-cylinder BMW to ever be sold in North America, though.

To me, the E34 looked like a brick on wheels. It still looks that way in some aspects. It’s still charming and straightforward in a way modern cars don’t. This is why it keeps getting better. Mugello Rot is a beautiful color.

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