ABBA: Amazing ‘first glance’ at ABBA holograms in 2022 Voyage Tour

Although it’s been many decades since the split of the group in 1983, there has been consistent reports that Frida, Benny and Bjorn have been working together on new music as well as a live hologram concert. The band released the first teaser video for their upcoming ABBA Voyage adventure last week. They joined Tik Tok on Monday. Today is the official day of the announcement. It was made in London, and live broadcast on Youtube. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LIVE ABBA ANNOUNCEMENT

Travellers were greeted today at Waterloo Station with a large digital billboard announcing ABBA Voyage.

The advert was accompanied below by an incredible image showing the members of ABBA’s youth. The advert was also commented upon immediately by commentators as it featured a Tron-esque sci-fi style.

All reports suggest that the holograms will depict the stars during their 1979 glory days.

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Benny stated: “He visited Stockholm, presented to us this idea that we could create identical digital copies ourselves at a specific age, that these copies could be taken on tour, they could perform our songs and even lip-sync. __S.12__

“I have seen the project halfway through, and it is already amazing to me. “

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