ABBA VOYAGE is streaming live NOW. Listen to the new song “I Still Have Faith in YOu”.

The long waiting has finally ended after 38 years. As Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson arrived in London today, excitement built. Meanwhile Waterloo Station broadcast huge digital images featuring the band dressed in sci-fi attires. In 2016, the first rumours about new music and a tour with virtual reality “holograms” emerged. Today, however, everything is clear. __S.4__

There had previously been reports that five songs were being written by Benny and Bjorn. Agnetha, Frida and Frida also wrote new songs. Two titles have now been confirmed as Don’t Let Me Down and Still Have Faith In You.

Today Benny & Bjorn announced that they had recorded a brand new album. It will be available on November 5, and includes a Christmas song. “

Agnetha, now aged 71, and three other members of the band in their mid-seventies decided to make cutting-edge holograms from them during the 1970s to play the new songs. The show ABBA Voyage, which will feature all their best tracks in a concert format, has been created around these new songs.

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Pop Idol’s supremo Simon Fuller created the new show. Benny began anticipating this entertainment breakthrough several years back.

Benny stated: “He visited Stockholm, presented to us this idea that we could create identical digital copies ourselves at a specific age, that these copies could be taken on tour, they could perform our songs and even lip-sync. __S.16__

“I have seen the project through half of it and it is already amazing. “

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