Are YOU a self-isolator for no apparent reason? NHS glitch forced Insider: Thousands to Stay Home

An insider revealed to The Guardian that thousands of people were forced to stay home due the error in the NHS Covid-19 application. According to an insider, the glitch caused the software not only to notify anyone in close proximity with someone who has tested positive within the past five days but also those who were in contact with people who have been positive for the last two.

According to the Whitehall whistleblower, many people in England were instructed to isolate themselves even though they lived within close proximity of someone who had either contracted the virus or become contagious. By tracking your movement and notifying you when someone has tested positive, the NHS Covid-19 app aims to reduce the spread of this highly contagious disease.

This glitch was discovered before any relaxations in Government regulations. Anyone who received two Covid vaccination doses can skip self-isolating if they are in contact with anyone who tested positive for the virus. Although it is recommended that people take a PCR test according to the most recent rules, this is not mandatory.

Anyone who is positive for the virus will have to remain at home in order to prevent it spreading.

The published guidance for NHS Covid-19, available on Android and iPhone, defines a close contact as any event that occurred within two days of the person developing symptoms. This is the time frame used by the NHS Test-and-Trace service.

“The standard definition of a contact in all the scientific and public stuff from Public Health England and NHS test and trace is someone who has been in contact from two days before they have symptoms and if they don’t have symptoms but test positive, you go back two days from the test,” the source told The Guardian. The app was only five days old. Hancock received a submission from people who test and traced him around the time of his resignation. It stated that it was five days long, but should have been two days. Should we amend it now? It didn’t happen.

The insider’s account was not challenged by the Department of Health and Social Care when they were contacted for comment. Instead, the DHSC had confirmed in August that it would relax “logic”, the central component of identifying close contacts and notifying them. However, the Department of Health and Social Care did not challenge the account.

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