BMW 2 Series Coupe Online Builder Live at BMW USA

BMW 2 Series Coupe Online Builder Live at BMW USA Site

The new BMW 2 Series car is a fascinating one. It’s the final stand for BMW’s small rear-wheel-drive, front-engined coupes. It also has a design that’s not loved by many enthusiasts. It failed to attract a crowd at Goodwood Festival of Speed’s debut. Its design isn’t terrible and it will be a great little Bimmer. We are still very excited about it.

The online configurator for the BMW USA 2 Series has just gone live.

There are currently only two options available: the BMW 230i xDrive and the M240i xDrive. Both the former start at $36,350, while the latter begins at $48,550. Standard 230i is fairly well equipped, including 18-inch wheels and sport seats. An M Sport package adds different 18′” wheels, sport seats, and a lower suspension. You can also choose from a selection of 19-inch wheels.

Thankfully, all 2 Series variants come with a few great color options, such as Melbourne Red, Portimao Blue, and — best of all — Thundernight Metallic (purple). Inside, you get mostly typical interior colors, such as black and beige. However, you can also get Cognac and Tacora Red.

It’s pretty common for modern Bimmer to have options and packages. The Dynamic Handling package for the 230i includes a limited slip rear differential and snazzy colored brakes calipers. The Cooling and high performance tire package on the M240i includes a larger cooling fan, an additional oil cooler and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber for better track handling.

It’s amazing how inexpensive the M240i is. The BMW M240i xDrive, with its 382 horsepower and all-wheel drive, is under $60,000. It’s not expensive, but the value you get is not bad.

Spend some time creating your BMW 2 Series, and tell us how you would spec it.

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