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Cloud is not the end, but the beginning: Data can be used to empower your business. Transform your business

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Digital transformation begins with uploading your company to the cloud. However, a future data-driven business requires Artificial Intelligence.

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You may not have known that data is a powerful tool for digital transformation. It is. They are today the most powerful and valuable asset that can be used to drive innovation and provide new customer experiences.

Not a single organization has realized the potential of digital transformation and is seeking to achieve it. Problem is how to deal with the huge amount of data generated today. This becomes difficult if you don’t have the infrastructure.

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It is even more apparent when the data needs immediate access from any location and new experiences of consumption.

This means that organizations are trying to speed up their transformation but find it difficult due to the lack of software and hardware. Additionally, manual processes and organizational silos can slow down the process, which results in fragmentation, inefficiency, and increased risk for the organization. All of this at the cost of innovation and agility.

Data is a service

This complexity has been a problem for many organizations over the years. Data administrators are faced with optimizing data access and protecting it from ever-growing threats.

Although the cloud appears to offer a solution to the complexity of the problem, it’s not sufficient to simply have access to the data. It is essential to optimize and simplify management. This is made easier if Artificial Intelligence is used with an integrated approach that incorporates automation policies through the entire data lifecycle.

This is exactly the idea of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage (HPE), a leader in enterprise storage and who has spent the past 18 months working on a solution.

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Imagine working remotely from any location in the world using a secure, simple and agile platform. Unified DataOps is a new HPE bet that unifies data operations and services. It combines data-centric automation with cloud-native operations and AI-powered Intelligence to dramatically simplify data and infrastructure management.

Find DataOps

It’s never been simpler to manage access to data. DataOps offers a fresh approach to managing your data.

We will be speaking with Bernardo Miretzky, the Head of Data Services, Latin America, and the Caribbean, to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

Entrepreneur MASTERS will discuss all of the benefits offered by unifying your data operations as an service. You will learn how you can improve your data in a straightforward, agile and secure manner.

The future of data-driven transformation is here. Free registration here .

Cloud is not the end, but the beginning: Data can be used to empower your business.
Transform your business HPE

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