Clubhouse Success Strategies

Although audio-only apps may be relatively new, they are well worth your time.

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Clubhouse was launched at the time that “shelter-in-place” laws went into effect in 2020. Other audio-only apps were launched a few months later.

Facebook was not something that everyone had heard of back in the day. Now everyone is aware of it. The Clubhouse has undergone a similar transformation.

Clubhouse is a brand that almost every influencer and marketer has heard of. Many are already using the platform or have created accounts.

It’s something that many business owners are aware of, though they’re not sure if it is right for them. Facebook is still a mystery to them.

What is special about audio-only applications?

Audio apps have a special quality. The person is being heard in real-time. It’s easier to get to know someone in real time than through a polished video or tweet. Clubhouse and other audio apps don’t allow you to hide.

You can hear the voice and energy of someone speaking and you get to learn about their story.

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There are many influential people with huge followings. Clubhouse and other audio apps allow anyone to create a Club or room. Everybody has a voice. Your reach, influence, and community will expand if you are willing to put forth the work. People will quickly either be more interested in you than you are or less.

You will see an increase in your audience.

Perhaps you’d like to chat about cars with car lovers. That’s great. Perhaps you’d like to discuss Gospel music with others who are similar.

These are the things I have learned in the last few months using the app.

  • Find active clubs __S.52__ Get involved in large and active clubs.
  • Get to know the space. Spend some time getting to know the atmosphere.
  • Do not self-promote.
  • Create value. Share your insight, knowledge and practical experience.
  • Keep it short. If you are given the opportunity to speak on stage, make sure to stay to the point.
  • Try to be a light for others. Recognize the comments of the speaker before you speak.
  • Get in touch with speakers offline. Engage with them via Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.
  • Be consistent. It’s not enough to show up just once. You will be noticed more if you are more active.
  • React quickly. __S.63__
  • Turn off your microphone.
  • Invite others to the table. Get value out of it. Tell your friends.

Clubhouse has been my home for eight months. It was exciting at first. Then, it became a chore. It got me excited again, and I have witnessed it build my brand.

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Coaches, speakers, authors, and consultants all need to be successful in personal branding. You must build a network of people who support you in building your brand. Then you can nurture them to purchase from you.

Clubhouse allows you to meet like-minded people who can help or give value while helping to build your brand.

You can’t schedule content on Clubhouse, unlike other platforms. Clubhouse is only available if you are there. It can take some time to make the most of it.

Audio apps can be used in addition to other channels. These apps can be considered a tool in your arsenal. Choose the one that works best for you.

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