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Craftopia (Game Preview).This is a brand new survival game that was developed in Japan. Our goal was to create a game which combined features from different games into one unique experience. These features include farming, hunting, hack-and-slash and building. You can find them here.CraftopiaYou can travel the world, and you can do almost anything that you want!


Combine Great Games

We knew this would be an amazing Craftopia when we combined our favourite features from favorite games. You can harvest resources from sandbox games by chopping trees and mining stones. You can also explore the globe and discover secrets like open-world games while fighting hunger and the elements. These are all great survival game features that we added.


You can cultivate your crops and harvest them yourself, which is a staple of farming sims. Or you could explore dungeons for loot, just like our hack-and-slash favorites! You can hunt monsters and other creatures inspired by Japan’s popular monster hunting game. If swords don’t work, you can cast magic spells like fantasy RPGs. Don’t be discouraged if all this sounds overwhelming. With machines and ingenuity, you can automate and run your own factory. Our goal is to create a utopia that’s accessible for all. Craftopia is that utopia!


Inspire your creativity.

Craftopia is a combination of many elements that aims to spark your imagination. This …? combination will create a new way to think. Your new combinations are exciting!


Preview of Evolution in Game

CraftopiaToday’s Xbox Game Preview title is available. We have many more things that we want to develop and do.Craftopia (Game Preview)We will keep improving the game based on feedback from our players. Also, you can share your thoughts and suggestionsDirectly with developers via DiscordLet’s get to work. Let’s get together and make this the greatest game ever.



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The game’s content and features may change during development. Before you purchase, please acknowledge it’s not yet finished.

Craftopia, a brand-new multiplayer action survival game in open world is now available.

Combining our favourite video games together is what we have envisioned.
As in Sandbox, chop trees and mine stone
Open-world allows you to explore the world.
Survival is the way to fight hunger
Harvest and cultivate as in Farming.
As in Hack-and Slash, collect loot in dungeons.
Automation of activities, as well as Factory management
Hunt monsters, and other creatures in Hunting action
Magic spells can be cast as Fantasy RPG.

We now have a utopia that is for everyone. Craftopia is it.

There are more than 20 crops that you can grow. You can plant crops individually, but you have many more options. You can grow large-scale fields with the help of modern agricultural machinery.
You can still live a self-sufficient lifestyle, but why not plant your own colorful orchards instead?
Automation and Industrialization
Automate each item collection. Are you tired of all the tedious work involved in mining and cutting wood? Automate it!
Are you tired of manual labor? Let’s use belt conveyors to create huge factories.

Monster Prism can be used to catch animals and make them your pet. Monsters can be tamed, and most monsters can also be bred from animals such as deer or cows. Monsters, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Exploring Dungeons
If the detector begins to beep, you are getting closer to dangerous dungeons. You can then return to town and equip yourself. Then, enter the dungeon to find treasures. Every time you go in, it changes shape. You will find bosses at the end.
When you harness the power of the universe, you will be able to unlock new capabilities.

Craftopia also offers fishing opportunities. You can also enjoy fresh fish and make a turtle shell shield! After you have mastered the art of fishing along the coast, it is time to learn how to make a sailboat! Let’s go catch a whale

You can ride a hoverboard, motorbike, motorcycle, or helicopter, as well as automobiles and biplanes. To explore the globe together, you can ride along with friends!

Skill Tree
Craftopia offers more than 100 skills. Learning different skills can help you create your own character. You might be skilled in crafting, others at wide swords and some may excel at automation. Your role will change depending on how you play.

Creativity of Characters
You can personalize them all, regardless of gender/sex or race.

Multiplayer is possible. With your friends, you can create factories and explore dungeons. You have the freedom to choose! If you’re interested, assassins are possible.

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