“I’m tensing!” Martin Lewis stirs up with his new snaps He returns to TV after a break

Martin Lewis, 49, made quite the splash on social media after four weeks AWOL over summer. Fans were thrilled to see the Money Expert back and they were even more amazed when he shared a rare photo of himself working out.

Martin smiled a lot while posing for photos in the gym.

Posting a series of three shots to Instagram, fans were surprised at his muscles and gushed over his physique.

Martin wrote: “Obligatory Instagram Gym Photos after a Month with Time to Properly Work Out.”

“PS, and yes, I am tensing!”

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His followers quickly reacted to his return from his holiday by rushing to the comments.

It was a month that flew by. I had thought it was a week. It looks great, mate,” one said.

Another agreed: Martin, it’s great to see you again. You look good.

“Hope that you feel just as great as your looks! I’m sure you feel the same way! “Welcome back to the Internet!” A third one chimed.

For now, ta ta. He wrote, “I’m about start a Summer Social Sabbatical.”

“I will be off-line for several weeks and instead focus on my family, relaxation, exercising, golf, time thinking, and watching the athletics.

He added: “I wish you all a great summer.”

On Twitter, he advised his followers to contact his website if they had any problems: “Any issues, the team @MoneySavingExp are still around,” he said.

It has been a busy year for the father-of-one – following the success of his financial career, the father-of-one secured a slot as a guest host on Good Morning Britain last month.

After Piers Morgan’s March departure, Martin and Susanna Reid took the lead in front of the show.

He said that it was a refreshing and wonderful change for him to get away from his normal topic, something he loves, and which he will return to.

“I believe I have a purpose in my life, and it’s to save people money and fight for financial justice.”

He said he would be happy to return to the show in the future for just a few days.

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