Jeremy Clarkson admitted that he is a ‘wallowing in dismay’ about his situation. Details on new farm problems

Jeremy Clarkson (61), has taken on a 1,000-acre farm. Even though he knew what he was getting into, it proved to be a difficult task. Although it was an enormous challenge that required one person to help him, he said that it was “a bottomless pit full of misery” and that the only thing he could do is “wallowing in span>

The Grand Tour host, who is now a columnist for The Times revealed that he feels finally like a farmer after all of the complaining he has been doing.

He wrote, “I can now whinge endlessly without repeating or hesitation,” before listing the pet-peeves that had been making him miserable for many months.

The weather. Defra. Carrie Johnson. This b ****y Alpaca. Chris Packham. Brexit. Badgers. Ramblers. Timber shortage.

He continued: “Flea Beetles. The black-grass. Sheep.

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He sighed and said, “There were more.”

We were charged PS256 because the 29 tonnes actual barley that we sent to him needed to dry before it could become hen food.

It was a bad turn for us, as five tonnes of our harvest couldn’t be loaded into the truck. Since it didn’t make sense to get another truck for this small quantity, the truck has been left out in the open for the past week. The vehicle is now crusty, damp, and unusable.

He groaned, “So that’s another PS700 down to the drain.”

Jeremy pointed out another problem ahead.

He explained that “Because there’s still half of a large field of barley to harvest, it’s impossible for me to get next year’s oil-seed Rape in the ground because we haven’t harvested all our crop.”

This means the flea beetle, the most feared pest in the world, will be on the scene with a knife and fork and a napkin.

“I suppose that even if all the beetles eat the rape, it won’t matter to me if they eat the rest of the rape.”

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