Philips launches new tough competition for Samsung TVs All-new OLED 4K models

Samsung has been the world’s largest selling Smart TV maker for 15 years. Philips is coming out on top with the Philips OLED+936 and OLED+986, its latest flagship TV range.

Ambilight is included in both models, as Philips designed them. Ambilight is a small strip of small LEDs that are hidden in the area around the screen. Clever software chooses colors from what you are watching and allows that color to bleed onto the wall behind it.

You can adjust the color intensity using a variety of settings in the main menu. The settings allow you to adjust the color of the wall behind your TV so the AI can correct and maintain the exact colour. You can sync all of your Philips Hue smart lights around the home to create the right mood for movie night.

The latest generation Ambilight is available on the OLED+ 936, OLED+ 986 and Philips OLED+ 936.

The Philips OLED+936 and OLED+986 have a 4K Ultra HD resolution, as well as several HDR formats including HDR10+ adaptive – which is a new feature for Philips TVs. HDR10+ adaptive is extremely clever because it does not just display the picture signature of each scene in High Dynamic Range, (HDR), but also examines your viewing conditions and adjusts the images to suit.

Philips uses the built-in light sensor to adjust the screen to the room. This ensures that the content is clear and sharp without sacrificing detail or contrast. HDR10+ Adaptive has been able to perform well in dimly lit rooms, but that is not how most people view their favorite movies and boxsets. Samsung supported HDR10+ adaptive at the end of last year. Philips now has this capability on the OLED+ 936/986.

The new Philip models have variable refresh rate technology, Freesync Premium, and G-Sync with HDMI 2.1 connectivity. Both sets include Dolby Atmos as well as HDMI eARC soundbars, and surround sound systems.

The Philips P5 processor engine is used to power both TVs. It uses AI for constant image tweaking.

There is a built-in sound system that makes the Philips OLED+ 936 different from OLED+986. This unit ships with an integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound system. This system, which comprises three 100mm mid/bass speakers, will produce crisper, cleaner dialogue as well as a wider soundstage, according to Philips. An optional subwoofer can be purchased to enhance the bass response and provide more rumble for those looking for serious sound when they watch movies at home.

Only the OLED+986 is available in 65 inches, while OLED+936 will ship in 48, 55, and 65 inches.

The price is unfortunately the only thing we do not know about the two TVs at the top of the line. Philips states that we will soon hear more information about worldwide release dates and the price. We expect similar results to the Philips OLED+ 935 predecessor.

Publited at Thu, 2 Sep 2021 06.32:51 +0000

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