Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and Margot Robertbie spin-off are ‘joined’ by Disney+’

There have been five Pirates of the Caribbean movies to date with the latest being 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales aka Salazar’s Revenge in the UK. While the billion-dollar franchise has been led by Johnny Depp‘s iconic Jack Sparrow across two decades. But, his Hollywood future is uncertain after he lost the UK libel case.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Disney was “battle-hardened” by Jerry Bruckheimer’s suggestion to allow Depp to play Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Although there is no plan for the pirate-swashbuckling character’s return to the screen, at least two Pirates films are in development.

First, there is Pirates of the Caribbean 6 which is the sequel to Salazar’s Revenge. Then there is Margot Robbie’s spin-off that’s female-led.

Giant Freakin Robot has confirmed that there is a third Pirates film in development.

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This third Pirates film, which is the eighth in the series, will be released exclusively on Disney+.

According to the outlet, Disney is likely to want all three films connected in a shared universe such as its Marvel and Star Wars movies.

Of course, without Depp’s Sparrow this will be hard but not impossible, with Giant Freakin Robot writing: “Somehow, they need to convince audiences that there is more to love in the Pirates movies, something beyond Johnny Depp if they want to convince people to see more of these movies.

The studio has come to the conclusion that they should throw all their resources at this problem and see what results.

Mads said: “But, I just knew the show was on. And I would’ve loved for him to talk to me about it, if I could have had that chance. But I don’t really know him in this sense.”

They called me, but they seemed to be in a rush. I was impressed by the script so they asked me to agree. It was controversial, I’m sure. But that’s how it works once in awhile.

I didn’t want Johnny to do what I did. He’s an actor of great talent, and copying his style would have been creative suicide. “My take and my look are different. We’ll just have to wait until the film comes out next year to see what the rest of the cast think.”

TBC: Release dates and titles for the Pirates of the Caribbean films are still to be determined

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