The Evolution of the Pokemon animated Pokemon Evolutions has been revealed The 25th anniversary of Pokemon

The Pokemon Company International today announced the “Pokemon Evolutions” animated series. This limited animation was created in celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Pokemon Company International. Eight episodes will lead fans through the entire Pokemon universe, including all regions that were explored by the core videogame franchise. Pokemon Evolutions premieres exclusively on Pokemon TV and the Pokemon YouTube channel on September 9. Check out a trailer for the series here.

“Pokemon Evolutions” is an innovative new animation collection for the brand. It also serves as a thanks-you to all the fans who joined us over these 25 years. As the brand has evolved, each region has served as a reference point for future generations of Pokemon Trainers. We wanted “Pokemon Evolutions” to honor that tradition while being modern and innovative. This is both a fresh adventure and familiar. With the final episode in Kanto, “Pokemon Evolutions” is an appropriate way to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Colin Palmer is vice president marketing at The Pokemon Company International

Pokemon Evolutions Episodes and Dates

  • Thursday September 9th: The Champion featuring the Galar Region
  • Thursday, September 23rd: “The Eclipse”, featuring the Alola Region
  • Thursday, October 7th: “The Visionary”, featuring the Kalos Region
  • Thursday, October 21st: The Plan featuring Unova Region
  • Thursday, December 2, 2009: “The Rival”, featuring the Sinnoh area
  • Thursday, December 9th: “The Wish”, featuring the Hoenn area
  • Thursday, December 16th: The “The Show”, featuring the Johto Region
  • Thursday, December 23rd: “The Discovery”, featuring Kanto Region

Source: The Pokemon Company

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