The latest Y Combinator: Tracking startups focus cohort

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Let’s talk about the most recent Y Combinator Demo Day, in greater detail.

If you caught the last few Equity episodes, some of this will be familiar, but we wanted to put a flag in the ground for later reference as we cover startups for the rest of the year.

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Below is a list of trends in Y Combinator startup startups, and how they compare to our expectations.

We are grateful to TechCrunch’s crew for covering the Startup Deluge live. Also, Natasha and Christine were invaluable in helping us build our notes during the last Twitter Spaces. Let’s discuss trends!

More than expected

You might be apprehensive about finding a niche that feels overrepresented in a group with nearly 400 startups. But we have succeeded.

We were shocked at the number of startup founders who were looking for software that was low-code or no-code. While we expected to find some, the number of startups that were pursuing software models with low-code and no-code techniques was almost 20.

The YC batch of startups is building low-code and no-code tools that help developers create faster internal workflows. BrightReps and Beau were also included in the mix.

Minimum 18 of the companies included in this group have used no- and/or low-codes in their pitching. The group is taking on many industries including finance, real estate and sales as well as HR. It seems like all sectors are seeing low-code and no-code tools. The trend in the startup industry is to help non-developers create their tools, workflows, and apps.

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