These are the 5 characteristics companies seek when hiring employees Hiring

Certain types of personality characteristics are considered more appealing to employers.

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The selection process between applicants and companies is a way to find out if they are compatible.

The information exchange must include the characteristics the company is looking for in candidates. Experts in this field recommend that you be as honest as possible when interviewing for a job. However, there are some personal traits (identified via personality tests) which can make you more appealing to employers.

The recommendation will always be to try to be as authentic as possible, however, through an analysis that we did at SherlockHR , to more than 20 thousand active vacancies in Mexico, we were able to identify the five types of personal characteristics that companies seek the most to the hour to hire.

1. You should be independent.

2. You should be social.

3. You must be proactive. People who are constantly moving and who use their strengths to improve job performance. Instead of waiting for others, they take initiative and focus on improving a specific aspect of an organization.

4. You should be a leader if you are looking for jobs that allow you to delegate. People who can lead in different situations and settings are needed as leaders. People who can transmit experience and knowledge are also needed.

5. Strategy is key. Companies look for candidates with a high level of planning ability. This allows them to evaluate different situations and to assess risks in order to reduce them. To achieve your organizational goals, this characteristic is crucial.

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