Tickets for ABBA Voyage Shows London 2022 go on Sale Next Week. Register NOW

Tickets for ABBA Voyage Shows London 2022 go on Sale Next Week. Register NOW

Tickets for ABBA Voyage Shows London 2022 go on Sale Next Week. Register NOW

Fans were thrilled to hear that Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulavaeus and Benny Andersson announced new ABBA music as well as new shows on a very exciting day. Rumours had circulated that at least two tracks would be added, but the Swedish icons confirmed that there will be an entire album. It is due out in November. The long-awaited debut of the digital versions of four members of Voyage has been revealed. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE HOW ABBA CREATED THE NEW DIGITAL ‘ABBATARS’

ABBA Voyage opens May 27, 2022 at the brand-new ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford. It is a state of-the-art arena that can hold 3,000 people.

Benny, Bjorn and others announced that their live stream will include 22 songs. The show will last for 90 minutes. __S.7__

On Tuesday September 7, at 10:00 am, tickets go on sale. Tickets can be preregistered now. You can pre-register by scrolling down

The four members of ABBA created digital versions using motion capture and performance techniques. They were assisted by an 850 strong team from Industrial Light & Magic. __S.12__

George Lucas founded the company. It is known for its SFX work on numerous Star Wars blockbuster films. It is also the first venture into music.

Bjorn stated that motion capture was done in a NASA-like studio. After five weeks of being there in leotards and helmets, the four of them were back on stage performing these songs.

Benny said that the only problem with shaving our beards was after 40 years. It’s been 40 years! He pointed out, “Frida und Agnetha did not shave …”.”

Bjorn stated that the show would be mostly filled with the group’s greatest hits and a few other songs we enjoy.

Two new tracks, “I Still Have Faith In You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”, were also released today. Bjorn said that the remaining tracks of the new album were not included because they were completed after work on digital copies was finished.


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