Tony Khan compares AEW to WCW Worldwide. Dark and dark: An elevation to the former show

Tony Khan recently announced that Dark and Dark: Elevation tapings will take place at Universal Studios, the former home of WCW Worldwide and IMPACT Wrestling.

Tony Khan said that this move is more in keeping with the goals of WCW Worldwide than IMPACT Wrestling during the AEW All Out Media Call.

Rafael Morphy, our director of live events had a lot of experience in that area. His previous experience was with IMPACT. People have said, “Oh they’re going there building.” I know that people are not aware of the building’s history and need to consider the impact of TV on the building. There’s no Dynamite or Rampage happening there. This is very different. It would be a fantastic venue, but that’s not what we have in mind. Dynamite, Rampage and I have had great attendance at our arenas. Tony Khan said that it’s quite different to have Dynamite and Rampage. Elevation and Dark, which are A-shows and Rampage are fantastic shows.

Tony Khan explains why WCW Worldwide was different from IMPACT Wrestling

WCW Worldwide utilized Universal Studios for IMPACT Wrestling’s weekly tapings, while IMPACT Wrestling used them to provide a platform for younger talents.

Tony Khan stated that the difference between the results of the different companies’ efforts was what separates them and that AEW’s shows are more aligned with WCW Worldwide.

I position it as if the WCW Worldwide show was being taped before IMPACT. I love IMPACT and they have been great to me. But, I believe it is the difference in how we use it and how they used it, even though they had an incredible run. Tony Khan said that it is more similar to WCW’s Worldwide, which was a show in which they had a lot young talent.

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