Twitch was boycotted by black and LGBTQ streamers After repeated “hate raids”,

Twitch users RekItRaven, LuciaEverblack and ShineyPen started the campaign #ADayOffTwitch, imploring users to go dark on Wednesday and asking viewers to support streamers in other ways, such as tipping through PayPal or Patreon.
Although the three streamers have small followings (RekItRaven with over 4,400, while RekItRaven is the largest), their hashtag was a huge inspiration for many other streamers. OnePreliminary reportTwitch journalist Zach Bussey demonstrated at one point WednesdayThere were 500,000 less viewers watching and streaming than one week ago.
The organizers hope that Twitch will listen to them and create new policies that protect them.
A Twitch spokesperson stated that the service supports streamers’ right to voice their opinions and draw attention to critical issues.
The statement stated that “no one should be subject to hateful and malicious attacks on the basis of who or what they believe in.”

Users launched the Day Off because of repeated racist incidents

Twitch allows streamers (typically gamers) to communicate with other users in real-time, sometimes while they are playing video games. T-Pain, Ninja and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are some of its users.
Raven is a popular choice.CNN refused to reveal her name because she was concerned about her safety. She said that streamers of colour and LGBTQ streamers often receive hateful remarks. Raven is Black, and shares videos of streams where dozens upon dozens are identical messages appear suddenly in live chats. These messages contain racist slurs, a phenomenon Twitch calls a “hate attack.” CNN was informed by them that the incidents have escalated ever since they began to tweet the videos using the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter.
Raven stated that racism has been an issue on the platform for years. However, Raven claimed, the scale of the abuse has risen to the point that marginalized people EXPECT to have their hate stolen.
Raven was suggested by ShineyPen (who works on the Underworld charity streaming stream team) to have a “blackout”, which is a day when they don’t watch any streaming. LuciaEverblack joined the group as a transgender streamer. Raven stated that the trio was originally planning to have the day off on September 1, but they accelerated the process due to users “doxxing”, sharing personal information and streamers.
They launched their #ADayOffTwitch campaign on Twitter. It quickly gained popularity. Major Twitch users, including HasanAbi (leftist commentator) who boasts more than 1.5million followers, decided to take the day off streaming. Other streamers who were contractually bound to do so did not have the day off but expressed solidarity with their fellow viewers.
Omega Jones streams under the name CriticalBard. He is also a member on the LGBTQ-focused Rainbow Arcade Stream Team. However, Omega Jones didn’t stream Wednesday to support #ADayOffTwitch. Jones uses the pronouns they or he and said that they have been subject to multiple hate attacks and were “follow bots” or an avalanche of people (some fake accounts, bots, etc.) following Jones.
Jones was selected as the “Pogchamp of the Day” by Twitch. This is a temporary symbol for Twitch that shows a reptile or person in an expression of joy, surprise, or surprise. Jones said that he felt overwhelmed by death threads and racist comments when his picture was revealed. Outlets like The Verge, Screen Rant, and Screen Rant also reported about how he was treated.
Jones sent CNN an email saying that “It was overwhelming”. Jones has over 16,000 Twitter followers. It shouldn’t be my responsibility to leave this site for one day as I am among the most affected. But that is exactly what it has become.
Jones said that his Twitch channel was a major source of income and the one-day Twitch break is only the beginning of a series users need to take in order to make demands for change.
Jones stated that “for this movement to succeed, it will take more than one day of not watching Twitch.” We need support and constant monitoring of Twitch Safety Team, so we must continue speaking out.”
CNN was directed by a Twitch spokespersonComments made by the platformTwitch announced in August that it will launch channel-level ban detection and account verification enhancements later this year in order to fight bots.LaterHate raids are “the result of motivated bad actors and don’t have an easy fix.”The safety team will do its best to eliminate bots whenever they are detected.
“This is not the community we want on Twitch, and we want you to know we are working hard to make Twitch a safer place for creators,” Twitch tweeted last month.

Streamers can help Twitch improve.

Raven stated that hate raids can be stopped by allowing creators to control their space. Raven said that #ADayOffTwitch creators should be able to determine who is allowed into chats. Many accounts making racist remarks are younger than one day.
Jones stated that the platform should end mass account creation. One user could attach their email address multiple accounts and create many more using different email addresses.
Jones and Raven said they are not ready to quit Twitch. They both hope that the safety team at Twitch will make major efforts to safeguard them and their fellow creators against marginalized groups.
Raven stated, “My identity markers don’t have to be exclusive to Twitch.” Raven said, “I’m Black and queer 24 hours a day and it will follow me everywhere I go. It’s not something I want to do. It doesn’t matter if the grass is greener to one side or another, but it does get greener when you water it.
Raven stated that they have been in touch with Twitch ever since Twitch discovered Raven’s videos of racist comments made by viewers. Although they can’t speak about the conversations, Raven said that she spoke to people who are working “actively to make these events less likely.”
Jones stated that he hadn’t received any information from Twitch about his racist treatment on Twitch. He’d also like more transparency from the safety team regarding the actions they are taking to make streamers’ lives better. He will continue speaking out about the racism that he, and other Black streamers are subject to daily on Twitch.
Jones stated, “I love this place” and said that he was proud of the community he has built. Jones said, “I will keep my peace but also work to ensure that Twitch is what it should.”

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