Twitter teases privacy options…that actually sound Pretty amazing?

Twitter has decided to make some changes, and it is considering them for users.

Mashable was informed by the social media giant that they plan to begin testing a variety of privacy options as early as next week. First reported by Bloomberg, the broad range of tweaks have the potential to rework fundamental aspects of what it’s meant — at least up until now — to have a Twitter account.

Twitter spokeswoman, a Twitter spokesperson, said via email that “We know privacy is not universally understood.”

Bloomberg reported the new features and a Twitter spokesperson confirmed them. They address longstanding complaints about Twitter. Not all these features may be integrated into Twitter. Even so, they suggest that when it comes to user privacy the company is at least aware that more needs to be done (like, ahem, encrypting direct messages end-to-end, which as far as we know Twitter is not officially considering).

The teased features allow you to hide older tweets automatically after a certain time. Although this is not the same thing as tweets being automatically deleted, it is an important step. A potential feature that users could use is the ability to unfollow specific followers. This can be done by immediately blocking or unblocking an account. Another feature is the ability to limit who your friends are visible to — only your followers, all users, and other undefined groups.

The spokesperson said that the focus on privacy was based upon feedback from a number of international research studies to understand the needs and perceptions of people around the world.

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Twitter did not provide any details on which test will take place next week or the location.

It will be interesting to see when Twitter actually launches these privacy tests. Or if this announcement on Thursday is more of an experiment to gauge public appetite for more detailed privacy controls.

Great ideas can be great, but it is the execution that matters when it comes online privacy.

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