Warzone Update Today: Cold War Free Access Starts, Season 5 of COD Reloaded Revealed

A big Call of Duty playlist patch has been launched today that removes the dominance of the Buy-Back mode and makes it possible to play a normal match in Verdansk. Buy Back allows you to continue dropping into the game for as long as there is $4500 available.

This feature is disabled only in the last stages. Today’s playlist update to Warzone includes several new normal modes, such as the following:

September 3, 2009 – Added

  • Verdansk – BR – All Squads
  • Verdansk – Blood Money – Trios
  • Verdansk – Armored Royale

October 3, 2009 – Removed

  • Verdansk – Buy Backs – All
  • Verdansk – Plunder – Quads
  • Verdansk – Payload

Armoured Royale is back today, but gamers wonder how much longer it will last.

Activision has had to take Armoured Royale down several times due to exploit problems.

The current rules for Armoured Royale are: Squads up to 4 players can infiltrate Verdansk carrying only one pistol. They will need to find weapons and equipment.

Squads can bring their custom Loadouts to Loadout Drops to engage and confront enemy squads. They will also avoid the dangerous circle collapse to remain the last standing team.

“Despite all these similarities, there’s one huge, hulking and motorized distinction between a Battle Royale or an Armored Royale. It is the Armored Cargo Truck. This truck brings some new mechanics to amp up Warzone combat via heavy vehicular-based fighting.

Activision released the Cold War Free Access this week for all platforms.

You can now play several Cold War games via the Warzone menu screen, from Monday to Tuesday September 7.

You can drop in as a Double Agent to free access players. This involves looking for clues and finding out about Double Agents within your group. Then, you must eliminate them before they disrupt the mission. You can also play the role of a Double Agent, planting bombs on players that stray from the group and eliminating them.

Activision also confirmed, following the launch of Call of Duty Season 5, that Call of Duty Season 5 will be available on September 9.

New modes, maps, and weapons will be launched in Warzone and Cold War. A new event is also teased.

Activision will reveal to their fans that this event will take place in Call of Duty Warzone, September 21st.

Reports indicate that Operators from both sides have heard an unidentified voice inaudibly reciting numbers through their earpieces.

A few people have said that they saw these numbers as strange visual hallucinations, which left them wondering about their mental state.

These are just reports that the operators have received back from base. Some others appear to be erratic and have turned on their Squadmates during battle.

There is evidence that these Operators have stopped responding to Perseus’ orders… What do the numbers mean?

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