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2021 officially marks the 49th season of the World Rally Championship, making WRC 10’s 50th anniversary content… a fraction premature. It’s not hard to believe that anyone would want to mark their birthday earlier after almost two years of turmoil, including the World Rally Championship.

WRC 10 will arrive with the best retro content ever to be found in KT Racing’s series. It features a mode that showcases cars and stages from five decades worth of rally racing history. The combination of a rich career mode and the most intense WRC race, makes this the best and strongest WRC official game. However, it is still a close victory since WRC 8 and WRC 9 have not changed much and the series still continues to make some minor errors.

The 50th anniversary mode, which is a significant part of the game this year, adds a lot of historic content. It’s the most important addition to the series since KT Racing began adding classic cars to WRC 8. It feels very special, with its own menu and period photos. However, there isn’t much to it. These are just time trials, with some text explaining the historical context.

Some may find the Anniversary races difficult because the time requirements are not scaled with the global difficulty settings. Although inexperienced racers may be able to reduce the race difficulty and intensity, the Anniversary mode is not changeable at this time. Although I believed I was just cruising after I won the first two events, I found that I wasn’t as fast in the fourth and fifth events. Some of the requirements for time in this mode have proven to be quite difficult. It’s certainly enough to make it impossible for novice racers. WRC 10 seems odd to offer novice and new players a range of settings, driver assistances and tutorials. However, the Anniversary Mode is incredibly hardcore and one-size fits all.

Audi and Partner

Anyone who is stumped about the anniversary mode tax time limitations in Anniversary mode can rest easy knowing that any of the cars and historical stages are able to be used quickly in the same fashion without much pressure. WRC 10 permits us to place any vehicle on any historical or modern stage. It’s a great addition to WRC 10 because KT Racing removed the safety and advertising features from the modern stages. Instead, they have a crowd of authentic period spectators who are often dangerously close by the roadside. WRC 10’s older crowds may not be as dense as those in Group B’s glory days, but there are still a few people whose dream it is to die by rally cars. Although things don’t always turn out so grimly, the historic stages are a challenging challenge due to the fact that even the slightest mistake by a dumb spectator can instantly bring you back on the track and impose a heavy penalty.

WRC 10’s older crowd isn’t as dense as it was in Group B’s glory days, but there are still a few people whose dream lifelong goal is to drive a rally car.

KT Racing did a great job selecting rally cars that matter. Many of the world champion cars are also represented. From the Alpine A110 winner in 1973 to Ott Tanak’s 2019 Toyota Yaris which ended the 15-year tradition of Sebastien winning the championship, this classics collection includes a wide range of cars. You’ll also find plenty of classic metal between the two, including the pair of flame-breathing Audi Quattros and several Lancias, such as the Intergrale, the Toyota Celica, the Toyota Celica, the Toyota Celica, the Volkswagen Polo R and a few successful Citroens. Colin McRae’s Subaru Impreza 1997 and Tommi Makinen’s 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V may be other legendary vehicles you have access to. However, they are currently either pre-order incentives for consoles or content in deluxe editions. It’s an excellent range of championship-winning drivers and manufacturers cars. There aren’t many notable winners.

Throttle Rocket

WRC 10 immediately makes WRC 9’s most irksome mistakes. It requires that everyone begins their career in the WRC Junior and WRC 3 series. There is no way for anyone who has done some laps to bypass these feeder series and jump straight into the main WRC championship. While I understand that the climb up the motorsport ladder can be a part of any career mode, it feels unfair to have the loyal do it all over again every year. WRC 10 would have allowed me to jump into Private Team, which allows you to build your own racing team, and also lets you design and purchase your team car using the welcomed new livery editor. However, KT Racing has placed the best new aspect of WRC 10’s Career mode after I finish Anniversary mode. Which I do not get.

The bonus objectives, which were so confusing, have not been removed from the system. This means that you will still be subject to suggestions by your manufacturer, such as “no hard tyres allowed for this rally”, which could slightly undercut the new tyre strategy layer KT Racing created. You will need to have a variety of types of tyres to bring to each rally. However, if you’re looking to try out different surfaces and gain more speed, tyres may be cross-mounted. You can add four tyres to your stock by completing the shakedown prior each rally. The new rally length is more realistic and will help you plan your tyre strategy.

Name your co-driver for this year’s race. This is a great feature. KT Racing also added an English-speaking female co-driver to add some variety and spice on the stages. Although they could have used a wider variety of comments, they can get repetitive and are not always right, I admire WRC 10 for its ability to motivate me. The so-called immersive vocal can be turned off if you find the sound irritating. It’s clear that there has been some work done on the car audio. All the layers and components are still present from WRC 9, but the sound is denser. I haven’t encountered any volume issues like I did in WRC9.

Estonia, which features fast stages, beautiful colours, and a narrow stage, is one of the highlights at the rallies.

WRC 10 features the Estonian and Croatian rally, however there are still a few other rallies. Last-minute Arctic Rally will not be included (the Rally Sweden, which was cancelled in the previous WRC 10, remains). However, KT Racing explained that Belgium as well as modern Greek stages would follow shortly after launch. With its narrow stages, beautiful colours, and fast speeds, Estonia has been my favorite rally so far. WRC 10 has some visual flaws that can be seen at slower speeds, such as squared curves or plain trackside props. However, it is a handsome racing game. Low sun shines through thick trees, making the scenery look even more beautiful at night.

Estonian gravel rallies are my favorite; they’re more relaxed than tarmac rallies. The handling has been improved this year. I enjoy the more consistent momentum and the feeling of sliding the cars along the throttle. Also, it is more difficult to adjust the steering at very high speeds. This means that I have to really control the car in straights. The system does a great job in letting you know when the wrong tires are on and the difference in grip across different surfaces is more apparent than ever. Although I believe this is the most accurate wheel feedback, I still prefer a controller.

WRC 10 Screenshots

KT Racing’s stage design is still outstanding, but it’s a shame that so many of the excellent WRC 8/9 work has been lost due to changes in calendars. The bonus tab also includes other rallies. I thought this might have been KT Racing’s attempt to include rallies that weren’t running in 2021 – such as Australia, Mexico, Turkey or Poland – but it’s not accessible so I am just confused.

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