Already, 'Overrated Cornwall' is filling up for 2022. - Britons
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Already, ‘Overrated Cornwall’ is filling up for 2022. – Britons Book now

Already, 'Overrated Cornwall' is filling up for 2022. - Britons
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This year, Cornwall has been a hot spot for summer staycations. __S.2__

Cornwall has been receiving a lot attention on social media.

Picture-perfect beaches and family fun do not seem to be marred by the reports of increased Covid cases, long queues, hiked up prices or calls from the tourism board to stay away.

While everyone seems to be heading for the same spot in order to staycation, each country brings their own challenges.

Cornwall is already full for next year. However, holidaying Britons this year have also had to deal with difficult to find parking and complaining tourists.


One user on Twitter said that “Cornwall was very overrated.” It was .”

A different problem was with parking. “Anyone else now had dozens of parking applications on their phones that took fifteen minutes to download and figure how to use, and that they probably won’t use again?”

Another person had an explanation for why they won’t staycation ever again.

They said: “You pay the ‘bargain’ price of PS180 per night to stay in a ‘hotel’ with no on-site parking, no breakfast beyond small packets of cereal and instant coffee, and with no staff visible beyond 6pm – leaving you with a non-lobby where you can’t even switch the lights on!”

The group continued, “You’ll leave Cornwall thinking the only good things are the sun and the cute dogs. It’s not worth the effort – you’ll never want to go back.”

Cornwall has already begun to fill up for the summer 2022. Britons who are looking to spend next year in Cornwall may be able to begin looking.

This county offers a variety of things for holiday-makers. It has beautiful beaches, delicious food, and lots to do.

Another new route for cycling was announced. Its arrival is not coincidental with the summer season.

Charity Cycling UK has launched the 150-mile West Kernow Way, largely off-road today and “deliberately delayed until after the summer vacations”.

The charity spokesperson said that the route was launched at the end of the main tourist season. This is to not give people another reason to visit the county, which is already busy. It also serves as part of an initiative to promote off-season tourism.

We encourage people to take quiet roads or paths to reach popular places in the area. This will help reduce congestion and pressure in those areas.

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