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Travel startups have announced funding of more than $12 Million this week.

>>Angel HostThe seed round for, which is a software company that manages revenue and allows property owners to run vacation rental properties, was $5.2 million.

White Star Capital was the lead investor in this round. Desjardins Capital and Panache Ventures were also part of the round.

This Montreal-based firm, founded in 2019 by Eduardo Mandri (CEO) and Veronique Londe (VP), helps 350 property managers in seven countries to create an online listing, establish rates and provide customer service.

“Their 24/7 multilingual guest services team has taken a load off our shoulders and their dynamic pricing strategies and implementation has helped produce very strong results for our clients,” said Carlson Lisboa, CEO of Tropical Villas in Orlando.

>>ThatchThe U.S.-based app, which helps travel influencers to organize their knowledge into interactive and shareable content that can be monetized, has announced it has raised $3 million more in seed funding.

Wave Capital was the lead investor in this round. Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, was also an investor.

It has raised $5.2 million in total. The company plans to release its apps to collect tips and payments for interactive guides created by the creators. The founders told TechCrunch that more than 12 million people have used their app.

For more context, read Skift’s story from earlier this week: Social Media Influencers Sync With Startup Tools to Sell Travel.

>>WanderlogThe seed financing for, which is a startup that plans trips and is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, was $1.5 million.

Abstract Ventures and General Catalyst led the round. General Catalyst was an investor in ITA Software and Airbnb.

Harry Yu and Peter Xu founded the startup. The company graduated in 2019 from Y Combinator’s startup accelerator. The app allows users to organize and map their trips for leisure travel.

>>YouTravelThe company has raised $1,000,000 to fund a Trip Planner App for Group Travel and Social Connections.

The round was led by Starta Venture Capital.

Travelers can chat with others who share similar travel interests or upcoming trips via the app. The app can be used by travelers to connect with trip hackers and travel agents for assistance in planning.

Founded three years ago, the company told TechCrunch that more than 10,000 travelers and 4,200 travel experts have created accounts on the platform.

>>MarginFuelNew Zealand-based digital tool provider for rental car companies (known as ), recently raised convertible notes. However, the amount was not disclosed.

It provides tools to set rates and forecast demand. The startup also tracks what other companies do in the market. The startup already has customers around the world, and this funding will allow it to expand in Europe.

Andrew Pascoe CEO, founded the company five years ago. Operators face a huge problem in getting the price right on a large scale.

>>Fly Free AirwaysIt is an Italian company which is building a charter network of luxury and business travellers.

It also acquired Romavia, a Rome-based airline. Fly Free Airways is an aeronautical brokerage that specializes in the management and organization of charter flights around the world and leasing private aircraft.

>>Zo World (part of Zostel)GEM Global Yield has committed $17.8 Million (EUR15 Mio) to a India-based travel startup called.Entrepreneur reported.

Zo World is building a decentralized travel marketplace, is licensing the Zostel name to India’s largest chain of backpacker lodging, Zostel Hospitality, in 51 locations, and it plans to go public in India possibly in October.

Skift Cheat sheet:
A startup is a business that was established to develop a repeatable, scalable business model. This definition is rare. Venture capital is attracted to the very few companies that are fortunate enough. They receive funding in waves.

Seed capitalMoney used to fund a company, usually led by angel investors or friends.

Series AVenture capitalists are often the source of financing. This round is designed to assist startup founders in ensuring that the product they offer customers really wants to purchase.

Series BVenture capitalists help companies grow quicker by financing. This funding round can help in recruiting qualified workers as well as developing effective marketing strategies.

Series CFinance is usually about helping companies expand. Hedge funds, investment banks and private equity companies often take part in VCs.

Series D,Beyond EThese are mainly older businesses, and funding rounds may be used to help companies prepare for going public or being acquired. There are many types of private investors that might be interested in participating.

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