Annette REVIEW: A boring wooden drama

Annette REVIEW: A boring wooden drama

Annette REVIEW: A boring wooden drama

This story is 139 minutes long and tells how a wicked stand-up comedian (Adam Driver), and a beautiful opera singer (Marion Cotillard), met and became a mother to Annette, a wooden baby.

The leads don’t have strong musical backgrounds so it is hard not to be impressed by their enthusiasm for singing, or speaking nearly all of the lines.

Songs by Ron Mael and Russell Mael, aka the pop duo Sparks, have moments. This is especially evident during an enthusiastic opening sequence which introduces us all to the cast.

Although I don’t know why Leos Carax, a French director cast Annette as a wooden character (all characters see her as a human), puppeteers who are skilled in the art of puppetry will not be disappointed.

The film, while unusual in its approach, is quite difficult to watch. The film’s message is unclear, characters seem one-dimensional and lyrics don’t make much sense.

It becomes tedious to hear Driver repeat boring lines like “Mind the steps” or “Follow me”.

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