Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene wants to create the biggest possible Sandbox Open-World Game Ever

Brendan “PlayerUnknown”, the founder of PUBG wants his new studio to make the largest open-world sandbox game in history.

The PlayerUnknown Twitter account posted a five-minute video today featuring Greene talking directly to the camera about his studio’s aspirations, as reported by Eurogamer.

It features Greene’s fascination with open-world gaming, his desire to make games at a scale rarely seen and much more.

Greene states in the video that “since [I got lost in Chernarus’ open fields in DayZ], my deep fascination has been with open-world sandbox games. I love the freedoms they offer players but it always seemed like they could be a lot bigger.” So that is our studio’s mission. Our goal is to build realistic sandbox environments on a scale never before attempted. Worlds that span hundreds of kilometers with thousands of people exploring and creating.

Greene states that one of the greatest problems in creating large-scale game worlds is that it is difficult to “fill these huge spaces with content and assets,” as well as locations. Greene says that machines are the best way to create worlds larger than humans currently can.

The new studio, though it does not have a name yet, is such a machine. It’s a neural network which allows his team to learn from each other and create massive, realistic open worlds in runtime.

Greene to Prologue is the result of all this machine-learning talk and world creation. This game was first revealed at 2019 Game Awards.

Greene suggests that Prologue was intended to be a quick introduction to a first iteration and an opportunity to see what machine learning has done. You’ll have to navigate a wilderness generated by runtime and find tools and resources to survive in harsh conditions.

According to him, there won’t be any guidance or path in Prologue. There will not even be a way to move forward.

Screens – PUBG New State

Greene states that Prologue will be released as a demo rather than as a full game to allow you to try out an early version of our terrain generator tool.

Greene states that Prologue will now be released only as a demo, and not as a full game. It’s not clear when Prologue will release.

As the video draws to a close, Greene states that “Prologue” is just the beginning of a long journey toward creating rich and interactive open-worlds.

You can find out more by checking the Prologue teaser that was released at the 2019 Game Awards. Then, read how Greene quit PUBG Corp in order to start a new studio.

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