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Caravan holidays: Merton and Webster share ingenious shower Hack ‘Really Simple!

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Caravan holidays: Merton and Webster share ingenious shower
Hack 'Really Simple!

Motorhoming with Merton & Webster’s latest episode featured Paul Merton, Suki Webster and others in the Peak District. Channel 5 viewers watched them travel to the UK in their motorhome. They also shared some helpful tips for van living. They shared some useful tips for anyone without a bathroom or who is having trouble keeping the kettle on the boil due to the wind.

Paul and Suki were found in Bakewell on their first morning.

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After renting bikes from the Monsal Trail (a disused former railway line), they changed their four-wheeled vehicle for two.

The group then went to a nearby campsite where they set up camp for the night.

They noticed that some of their neighbors had strange accommodation.

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“But sometimes it comes from behind,

He explained how to put some kitchen foil on the front.

“Now, I’m able to boil water or make bacon and not worry about it burning out.”

Paul and Suki continued their journey north towards Derwent Dam, the next stop.

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