Caravan: “Why not have a winter vacation?” – a ‘best time’ to explore

His words were: “March through October you can do lots in vehicles. You can also do a winter staycation.

There are hundreds of thousands of motorhomes in the UK, with “that number growing at about seven percent annuum.”

Ed stated that the UK was “the second largest market for motorhomes, caravans and campervans.” About half a million have tow-in trailers, and 300,000. Others have motorhomes that they drive.

“Most people are going to be using their cars all year.”

Experiences are what camping and caravanning is about in the off-season.

Ed stated: “If whisky tasting is something you are interested in, then I recommend that you plan your vacation around it.”

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You should go on a road trip if you are a fan of art, heritage, castles, and cheese.

Planning a camping or caravan holiday is not complete without having “a destination” and an activity.

It’s always about the driving experience.

Planning a vacation is a crucial step in planning for both winter and summer trips.

It’s a great time to take a vacation, as prices are lower in the off-peak seasons.

Ed stated, “We work both in peak hours and off-peak.” July and August can be very expensive. June, April, and September are less costly.


“But obviously the best time to travel are going to be May, January, February, March and then October, November, December.

You’re only a few clicks away from half the price.

“So if you wanted to go for a weekend to try it, your best time to go would be in the off peak, and just go camping in March or May, when it can still be very warm.”

Even if it’s not the best weather, you can still enjoy a holiday in a caravan.

Ed said, “We have vehicles that have stoves inside them. It’s like narrowboats having stoves.” If you are dressed appropriately, it is possible to create a winter experience .”

Off-peak caravan rental rates are lower and you have more options to choose the right vehicle for your needs. Ed says that the best thing to do is to try something different.

Ed stated, “That makes your holiday more enjoyable.” You don’t have to be active, you can go on an Art Trip and paint.

There is so much to do in Britain. Click on the activities to see more .”

A caravan holiday can still be an option, even though summer is over.

There are many other activities you can do in the country, beyond caravanning and camping.

Ed reminds Britons that “Walking in Autumn and Winter is Wonderful.”

“Obviously skiing is a bit restricted here, but I know loads of people who take their motorhomes to France to ski and stay in a campervan or motorhome.”

A holiday or caravan is about the experience of going somewhere new and getting there.

It doesn’t matter if it is during peak season or not, spontaneity must be encouraged.

Britons can start to plan an autumn/winter caravanning trip if they follow Ed’s lead.

They will not only discover new things, but also save money.

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