‘Cinderella’ starring Camila Cabello is more manipulative More than magic

Prime Video’s Cinderella is a bummer, like so many other things in 2021.

Camila Cabello, pop star and writer behind the Pitch Perfecttrilogy, plays the title princess. Kay Cannon’s version of the fairytale is magical. It’s an incandescent mix of contemporary jams and glittery costumes that will transport you from this cursed world.

This Cinderella isn’t as comfortable as a slipper. It comes across as too calculated and cloying, starting with the opening numbers that sum up so much about how it works.

Billie Porter starts, “Once upon an …” fairy God person Billie Porter,” before going on a hilarious monologue about the plight of the villagers living in this “old-fashioned kingdom.” The prescience behind that particular idea settles in. (A society where all kinds of suckers, have for many years and there is no hope of change? Tag yourself!) Tag yourself!

Idina, be mean! Let me be mean!
Credit to Amazon Studios

It’s clear to see the purpose of the film with breakdancing workers of unspecified occupations turning shovels in town square. It’s still a strange choice. The town is lit up by intricate choreography, strong-lunged chorus members singing ’90s R&B and the feeling that all is well in the picture book world contrasts with what we see.

As we are introduced to Ella’s home, Idina Menzel plays Vivian as Vivian. She is as vicious and declawed as any house cat. Vivian seems more interested in Ella’s marriage to Narissa and Malvolia, who are played by Maddie Baillio, and Charlotte Spencer respectively, than her unremarkable stepchild cleaning out the cinder. Instead of watching Menzel suffer the cruelties of Cate Blanchett’s Disney 2015 adaptation, Vivian is reduced to an uninteresting character that serves little other purpose than covering Madonna’s “Material Girl” in the second act.

The mice also look very strange. You are right?
Credit to Amazon Studios

Defanging the evil step family makes the main story conflict, that Cinderella wishes to start a shop and women cannot conduct business in the Kingdom, shines brighter. However, as many social media critics have pointed out, the #GirlBoss concept collapses quickly under the weight its bizarrely ill-advised reasoning. It was not worth sacrificing any of the best acting opportunities in the story.

These miscalculations are what make Cinderella feel disingenuous. Sure, there are some funny moments — Pierce Brosnan inappropriately serenading Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine’s Prince Charming wearing an earring, and lots of shenanigans involving talking mice (played by James Corden and Romesh Ranganathan). Cabello is a tireless performer who you can’t help but admire. Porter, on the other hand, is a perfect creature that we don’t deserve.

Billie Porter delivers, so at least there’s that.
Credit to Amazon Studios

Cinderella is your guide to every moment, guiding you through the marvellous fairytale world.

This Cinderella is a timeless classic that’s inoffensively good but not great. You’ll still be reminded of the fact that property belongs to women. If that becomes a fairy tale in 2021 we are in serious trouble.

Amazon Prime Video now streams Cinderella (2021). __S.40__

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